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class _ExceptionHandlerBase:
def __init__(self, handler_map):
self._handler_map = handler_map
def __call__(self, func):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
with self:
func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapper
def __enter__(self):
def __exit__(self, exc_class, exc_instance, traceback):
if exc_class in self._handler_map:
return self._handler_map[exc_class](exc_instance)
return False
class ExceptionHandlerMap(_ExceptionHandlerBase):
def add_handler(self, cls, callback):
self._handler_map[cls] = callback
def add_handlers(self, handler_map):
def also_handle(self, handler_map):
new_handler = type(self)(self._handler_map.copy())
return new_handler
class ExceptionHandler(_ExceptionHandlerBase):
def __init__(self, callback, *classes):
super().__init__({cls: callback for cls in classes})
self._callback = callback
self._classes = classes
def add_class(self, cls):
self._handler_map[cls] = self._callback
def instead_catch(self, *classes):
return type(self)(self._callback, *classes)
def also_catch(self, *classes):
return self.instead_catch(*(*classes, *self._classes))
def catches(cls, *classes):
def wrapper(callback):
return cls(callback, *classes)
return wrapper
# Example usage:
class FooException(Exception):
class BarException(Exception):
def handle_foo(e):
print(f"handle_foo caught {type(e).__name__}: {e}")
return True
def handle_bar(e):
print(f"handle_bar caught {type(e).__name__}: {e}")
return True
# we can use the "catches" class method as a decorator to create an exception handler
@ExceptionHandler.catches(FooException, BarException)
def foo_bar_handler(e):
print(f"handle_foo_and_bar caught {type(e).__name__}: {e}")
return True
# we can create an exception handler using the class directly
foo_handler = ExceptionHandler(handle_foo, FooException, BarException)
bar_handler = ExceptionHandler(handle_bar, FooException, BarException)
# we can use the exception handler as a decorator to handle exceptions within the function
def raise_foo(text):
raise FooException(text)
def raise_bar(text):
raise BarException(text)
raise_foo("in raise_foo function")
raise_bar("in raise_bar function")
# we can also use the exception handler as a context manager to handle exceptions within it's block
with foo_bar_handler:
raise FooException("inside context manager")
# we can replace which exceptions it catches for this invocation
with foo_handler.instead_catch(BarException):
raise BarException("This WILL be handled")
# we can append which exceptions it catches for this invocation
with foo_handler.also_catch(BarException):
raise BarException("This WILL be handled")
# we can create an object that has different callbacks for different exception classes
handler_map = ExceptionHandlerMap({FooException: handle_foo, BarException: handle_bar})
with handler_map:
raise FooException("this is handled by the ExceptionHandlerMap")
with handler_map:
raise BarException("this is also handled by the ExceptionHandlerMap")
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