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Last active April 18, 2022 23:50
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// In <algorithm>
// Declare an inline/weak variable.
extern void (*ExtremelyHackyCallThatYouWillNotOverride)()
__attribute__((weak)) = nullptr;
// ...
// Before the sort call
// ...
if (ExtremelyHackyCallThatYouWillNotOverride)
_VSTD::__sort<_Comp_ref>(_VSTD::__unwrap_iter(__first), _VSTD::__unwrap_iter(__last), _Comp_ref(__comp));
// ...
// main.cpp
#include <algorithm>
// Prints the stacktrace.
void backtrace_dumper();
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
ExtremelyHackyCallThatYouWillNotOverride = &backtrace_dumper;
return InvokeRealMain(argc, argv);
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