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Created April 12, 2022 19:30
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template <class _Compare, class _ForwardIterator>
unsigned __sort5(_ForwardIterator __x1, _ForwardIterator __x2, _ForwardIterator __x3,
_ForwardIterator __x4, _ForwardIterator __x5, _Compare __c) {
unsigned __r = _VSTD::__sort4<_Compare>(__x1, __x2, __x3, __x4, __c);
if (__c(*__x5, *__x4)) {
swap(*__x4, *__x5);
if (__c(*__x4, *__x3)) {
swap(*__x3, *__x4);
if (__c(*__x3, *__x2)) {
swap(*__x2, *__x3);
if (__c(*__x2, *__x1)) {
swap(*__x1, *__x2);
return __r;
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