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Fetch emails from Amazon S3 and feed to procmail
# Fetch emails from Amazon S3 (deposited by the Amazon SES receiver's S3 action)
# and feed to procmail. In the spirit of fetchmail, but using S3 instead of SMTP.
export AWS_PROFILE=my-aws-profile
# for each object in the bucket...
for F in `aws s3 ls "s3://${BUCKET}/" | awk '{print $4;}'`; do
if [ "${F}" == "AMAZON_SES_SETUP_NOTIFICATION" ]; then
continue # ignore this object SES creates during set-up
# download the object and feed it on stdin to procmail
if ! aws s3 cp "s3://${BUCKET}/${F}" - | ${PROCMAIL}; then
echo "S3->Procmail fetch of ${F} failed with status $?"
echo "$0 successfully fetched ${F}" >> "${HOME}/.fetchlog"
# success - delete the S3 object
aws s3 rm "s3://${BUCKET}/${F}" --quiet
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