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dannolan / TwitterIndiaOutput.json
Created Nov 25, 2019
Twitter India - Updated Output
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"id": "46007404-a7e4-4637-b093-4dca9c8a9c8c",
"hashtag": "#SingleLife",
"total": 4,
"sentiment": {
"positive": 25,
"negative": 75
"users": [
dannolan /
Created Jul 18, 2018
Markdown that breaks Confluence

Analytics Runthrough

Campaign Types

  • item one
  • item two
  • item three

This is how we take items and return them to our thing this is more content to show that we have content and it is not workign in a way that we nwant it to work.

dannolan / main.go
Created Mar 2, 2018
Go Range Request
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req, _ := http.NewRequest("GET", url, nil)
req.Header.Add("Range", "bytes=0-5088")
var client http.Client
resp, _ := client.Do(req)
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Are you in some kind of warzone? Oh, that's terrible
NDA the size of a human skull
what's punting

List of Block Declaration Syntaxes

Throughout, let

  • return_type be the type of object/primitive/etc. you'd like to return (commonly void)
  • blockName be the variable name of the block you're creating
  • var_type be the type object/primitive/etc. you'd like to pass as an argument (leave blank for no parameters)
  • varName be the variable name of the given parameter And remember that you can create as many parameters as you'd like.

Blocks as Variables

Possibly the most common for of declaration.

View notronbing.js
var text = $("#textField").val();
dannolan / bootstrap_pagination_helper.rb
Created Jul 13, 2012 — forked from oparrish/bootstrap_pagination_helper.rb
Link renderer to be used with will_paginate to render links to work with Twitter Bootstrap
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module BootstrapPaginationHelper
class LinkRenderer < WillPaginate::ActionView::LinkRenderer
def page_number(page)
unless page == current_page
link(page, page, :rel => rel_value(page))
link(page, "#", :class => 'active')
dannolan / spendyspendy.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Top Entitlement Claiming Federal Politicians in Australia (2H 2014)
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Top Spenders OVERALL
The Hon Tony Abbott MP - $1057673
The Hon Julie Bishop MP - $866653
Mr Tony Pasin MP - $851482
Mr Tim Watts MP - $556863
The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP - $539247
The Hon Darren Chester MP - $529344
Mr Wyatt Roy MP - $526258
Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham - $523191
dannolan / gist:7afe945481cb099b083d
Created May 4, 2015
Apple's Frequent Locations logging fails
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May 4 17:10:14 iPod-touch routined[5308] <Notice>: 452416214.294107 (4/05/2015 17:10:14 AEST), [DATABASE]: failed to execute statement
May 4 17:10:14 iPod-touch routined[5308] <Notice>: 452416214.295157 (4/05/2015 17:10:14 AEST), [DATABASE]: statement, INSERT INTO Hint (Timestamp, Latitude, Longitude, HorizontalAccuracy) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?), return code, 19, error, UNIQUE constraint failed: Hint.Timestamp, Hint.Latitude, Hint.Longitude
May 4 17:10:14 iPod-touch routined[5308] <Notice>: 452416214.307433 (4/05/2015 17:10:14 AEST), [DATABASE]: failed to finalize statement
May 4 17:10:14 iPod-touch routined[5308] <Notice>: 452416214.308205 (4/05/2015 17:10:14 AEST), [DATABASE]: statement, , return code, 19, error, UNIQUE constraint failed: Hint.Timestamp, Hint.Latitude, Hint.Longitude
dannolan / borked.swift
Created Dec 8, 2014
Swifty Swifty Buggy Swifto
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enum DisplayOrientation : CGFloat{
case WideScreen = 0
case Portrait = 1.5707963268
case UpsideDown = 3.1415926536
case PortraitUpsideDown = 4.7123889804
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