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Pause Campaigns with Declining CTR
function main() {
AdWordsApp.createLabel("PausedCTR", "ad group paused due to declining CTR", "red");
AdWordsApp.createLabel("PausedCPA", "ad groups paused due to declining Conversions", "yellow");
//NOTE: set your max CPA value. You don't want to pause an ad group with a rising CPA unless that CPA goes over your limit.
var cpaMax = 0;
var adGroupsIterator = AdWordsApp.adGroups()
.withCondition("Clicks > 25")
var today = getDateInThePast(0);
var oneWeekAgo = getDateInThePast(7);
var twoWeeksAgo = getDateInThePast(14);
var threeWeeksAgo = getDateInThePast(21);
while (adGroupsIterator.hasNext()) {
var adGroup =;
// Let's look at the trend of the ad group's CTR.
var ctr1 = adGroup.getStatsFor(threeWeeksAgo, twoWeeksAgo).getCtr();
var ctr2 = adGroup.getStatsFor(twoWeeksAgo, oneWeekAgo).getCtr();
var ctr3 = adGroup.getStatsFor(oneWeekAgo, today).getCtr();
var cost1 = adGroup.getStatsFor(threeWeeksAgo, twoWeeksAgo).getCost();
var cost2 = adGroup.getStatsFor(twoWeeksAgo, oneWeekAgo).getCost();
var cost3 = adGroup.getStatsFor(oneWeekAgo, today).getCost();
var conversions1 = adGroup.getStatsFor(threeWeeksAgo, twoWeeksAgo).getCost();
var conversions2 = adGroup.getStatsFor(twoWeeksAgo, oneWeekAgo).getCost();
var conversions3 = adGroup.getStatsFor(oneWeekAgo, today).getCost();
var cpa1 = cpa(cost1,conversions1);
var cpa2 = cpa(cost2, conversions2);
var cpa3 = cpa(cost3, conversions3);
// Week over week, the ad group is degrading - pause it!
if (ctr1 > ctr2 && ctr2 > ctr3) {
if ((cpa3 > cpaMax) && (cpa1 < cpa2 && cpa2 < cpa3)) {
// Returns YYYYMMDD-formatted date.
function getDateInThePast(numDays) {
var today = new Date();
today.setDate(today.getDate() - numDays);
return Utilities.formatDate(today, "PST", "yyyyMMdd");
//calculates cost per conversion
function cpa(cost, conversions){
var costConv = cost/conversions;
return costConv.toFixed(2);
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