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Custom Modernizr tests that are useful.
/* modernizr-test.js
* Daniel Ott
* 3 March 2011
* Custom Tests using Modernizr's addTest API
/* iOS
* There may be times when we need a quick way to reference whether iOS is in play or not.
* While a primative means, will be helpful for that.
Modernizr.addTest('ipad', function () {
return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad/i);
Modernizr.addTest('iphone', function () {
return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i);
Modernizr.addTest('ipod', function () {
return !!navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i);
Modernizr.addTest('appleios', function () {
return (Modernizr.ipad || Modernizr.ipod || Modernizr.iphone);
/* CSS position:fixed
* Not supported in older IE browsers, nor on Apple's iOS devices.
* Actually the token example on the Modernizr docs.
Modernizr.addTest('positionfixed', function () {
var test = document.createElement('div'),
control = test.cloneNode(false),
fake = false,
root = document.body || (function () {
fake = true;
return document.documentElement.appendChild(document.createElement('body'));
var oldCssText =; = 'padding:0;margin:0'; = 'position:fixed;top:42px';
var ret = test.offsetTop !== control.offsetTop;
root.removeChild(control); = oldCssText;
if (fake) {
/* Uh-oh. iOS would return a false positive here.
* If it's about to return true, we'll explicitly test for known iOS User Agent strings.
* "UA Sniffing is bad practice" you say. Agreeable, but sadly this feature has made it to
* Modernizr's list of undectables, so we're reduced to having to use this. */
return ret && !Modernizr.appleios;


Modernizr.appleios isn't sufficient, since ios5+ incorporates (true) position fixed.

See the famous threads: Modernizr/Modernizr#167 and Modernizr/Modernizr#539


But as a gist this is a nice reference doc that could be increased.

For determining mobile see:

test:'all and (max-width: 1070px)'),

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