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Sublime Text 3 scopes to be used for Snippets Makers / Plugin Developers.
A list of Sublime Text 3 scopes to be used for Snippets Makers / Plugin Developers.
Main Symbol Scopes:,, meta.toc-list
ActionScript: source.actionscript.2
AppleScript: source.applescript
ASP: source.asp
Batch FIle: source.dosbatch
BibTex: source.bibtex
C#: source.cs
C++: source.c++
Clojure: source.clojure
CSS: source.css
D: source.d
Diff: source.diff
Erlang: source.erlang
Go: source.go
Groovy: source.groovy
Haskell: source.haskell
HTML(TCL): text.html.tcl
HTML: text.html(.basic)
Java Doc: text.html.javadoc
Java Properties:
Javascript: source.js
JSON: source.json
JSP: text.html.jsp
LaTex Log: text.log.latex
LaTex Memoir: text.tex.latex.memoir
LaTex: text.tex.latex
LESS: source.css.less
Lisp: source.lisp
Lua: source.lua
MakeFile: source.makefile
Markdown: text.html.markdown
Matlab: source.matlab
Multi Markdown: text.html.markdown.multimarkdown
Objective-C++: source.objc++
Objective-C: source.objc
OCaml campl4: source.camlp4.ocaml
OCaml: source.ocaml
OCamllex: source.ocamllex
Pascal: source.pascal
Perl: source.perl
PHP: source.php
Plain text: text.plain
Python: source.python
R Console: source.r-console
R: source.r
Regular Expression(python): source.regexp.python
Regular Expression: source.regexp
RestructuredText: text.restructuredtext
Ruby HAML: text.haml
Ruby on Rails: source.ruby.rails
Ruby: source.ruby
SASS: source.sass
Scala: source.scala
Shell Script:
SQL(Ruby): source.sql.ruby
SQL: source.sql
Stylus: source.stylus
TCL: source.tcl
TeX: text.tex
Textile: text.html.textile
XML: text.xml
XSL: text.xml.xsl
YAML: source.yaml

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@dblockd dblockd commented Feb 14, 2014

I am not sure i agree with the Plain Text snippet above of text.plain. I am using sublime 3 and have no luck with any snippet created. I change to the scope to or scope.sql and i see my snippet in those file types. : )

Is there a chance i have a different setting somewhere set wrong?

also anybody know where the system snippets are hiding? how to navigate to them? on OS x ?? thanks

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