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Last active Dec 2, 2021
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Clojure A-star Search
(ns common.astar
(:require [ :refer [priority-map]]))
;; Based on:
(defn- build-path
"Returns the reconstructed path from the start to the goal."
[goal came-from]
(loop [path [], node goal]
(if-let [parent (came-from node)]
(recur (conj path node) parent)
(reverse path))))
(defn shortest-path
"Find the shortest path between `start` and `goal`.
- Uses `(heuristic a b))` to estimate the distance between nodes.
- Uses `(get-neighbours a)` to find the neighbours of a given node."
[start goal heuristic get-neighbours]
(let [frontier (ref (priority-map start 0))
came-from (ref {start nil})
cost-so-far (ref {start 0})
found-goal? (ref false)]
(while (and (not-empty @frontier) (not @found-goal?))
(let [[current] (peek @frontier)]
(alter frontier pop)
(when (= current goal)
(ref-set found-goal? true))
(doseq [next (get-neighbours current)]
(let [new-cost (inc (@cost-so-far current))
next-cost (@cost-so-far next)]
(when (or (nil? next-cost) (< new-cost next-cost))
(alter frontier assoc next (heuristic next goal))
(alter came-from assoc next current)
(alter cost-so-far assoc next new-cost))))))
(build-path goal @came-from))))
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