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Last active May 21, 2022 23:13
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HipChat - Send a message to a room using cURL
# Build Passes
curl -d "room_id=ourRoom&from=BuildBot&message=Build+Status:+Passing&color=green"
# Build Fails
curl -d "room_id=ourRoom&from=BuildBot&message=Build+Status:+Failing&color=red&notify=1"
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tizzo commented Feb 14, 2014

I found the following helpful:

MESSAGE="Some crazy unescaped message with <a href=\"\">links</a> & stuff! Maybe even variables or commit messages: ${COMMIT_MESSAGE}"
curl -d $CONFIG --data-urlencode "message=${MESSAGE}" ''

This way the message is separated out more clearly and you let curl do the encoding for you.

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