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perform common tasks on a fresh server
# Common Windows Server Setup (code downloaded from another Gist)
Invoke-Expression ((Invoke-WebRequest "").Content)
# Open FileMaker-specific ports
# NOTE: you might want to add 80 and 443 to the list of ports below, but I haven't needed to in my testing on AWS yet
New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "FileMaker Server" -Direction Inbound -Action Allow -Protocol TCP -LocalPort 5003,16000
# Install FileMaker Server: CONFIG
$assistedInstallContents = @"
[Assisted Install]
License Accepted=1
Deployment Options=0
FileMaker Server User=0
Admin Console User=TODO
Admin Console Password=TODO
Admin Console PIN=TODO
Launch Deployment Assistant=1
License Certificate Path=
Skip Dialogs=1
$dlUrl = '' # hint: use the installer link from your software download page
# Install FileMaker Server
if ($dlUrl -and -not($assistedInstallContents.Contains("TODO"))) {
$interactive = [Environment]::UserInteractive -and (-not ([Environment]::GetCommandLineArgs() | ?{ $_ -like '-NonI*' }))
$installerPath = Join-Path $env:TEMP (Split-Path $dlUrl -Leaf)
Write-Output "Downloading..."
(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadFile($dlUrl, $installerPath)
# extract downloaded file
Set-Location (Join-Path $env:userprofile "Downloads")
$7z = ((Get-Command 7z.exe -EA SilentlyContinue).Path)
if (! $7z) { $7z = "$env:ProgramFiles\7-zip\7z.exe" }
if (! (Test-Path $7z)) { $7z = "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\7-zip\7z.exe" }
if (Test-Path $7z) {
.$7z x $installerPath -o"""$(Join-Path $env:userprofile 'Downloads')"""
} elseif ($interactive) {
Write-Output "Cancel installation once extraction is complete"
Start-Process -FilePath $installerPath -Wait
} else {
Write-Output "ABORTED: 7zip command line tool is required to install FMS from a non-interactive shell"
# export config files
$installerRootDir = (Get-ChildItem "FileMaker Server*" | Sort-Object -Descending CreationTime)[0].FullName
$setupPath = (Join-Path $installerRootDir "\Files\Setup.exe")
$assistedInstallContents | Out-File (Join-Path (Split-Path $setupPath -Parent) "Assisted Install.txt") -Encoding unicode
# run installer
Start-Process -FilePath $setupPath -ArgumentList $(if($interactive){"/s /v/qb+"}else{"/s /v/qn"}) -Wait
} else {
Write-Output "you must configure before you run this code"

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dansmith65 commented Nov 14, 2019

NOTE: This script MUST be modified before using; refer to the Install FileMaker Server: CONFIG section

Can be run on a new AWS EC2 instance by wrapping it in <powershell></powershell>. Refer to this link for more info:

Other Gist's referenced by this one:


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dansmith65 commented Nov 26, 2019

Can install FMS with your own license by adding:

$licenseCertContents = @" 
TODO: replace this line with your certificate file contents
# add this line right before Start-Process:
[System.IO.File]::WriteAllLines((Join-Path (Split-Path $setupPath -Parent) "LicenseCert.fmcert"), $licenseCertContents) # don't use Out-File because it creates utf8 with BOM
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