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Dan Smith dansmith65

  • B.C. Canada
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jbnunn / Gist
Last active Oct 23, 2020 — forked from kurokikaze/gist:350fe1713591641b3b42
Install Google Chrome from Powershell
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$LocalTempDir = $env:TEMP; $ChromeInstaller = "ChromeInstaller.exe"; (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('', "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller"); & "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller" /silent /install; $Process2Monitor = "ChromeInstaller"; Do { $ProcessesFound = Get-Process | ?{$Process2Monitor -contains $_.Name} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name; If ($ProcessesFound) { "Still running: $($ProcessesFound -join ', ')" | Write-Host; Start-Sleep -Seconds 2 } else { rm "$LocalTempDir\$ChromeInstaller" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose } } Until (!$ProcessesFound)
thejuan / IIS Logstash Grok
Created Feb 21, 2014
A Logstash Grok filter for IIS (W3C default fields + bytes sent)
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grok {
match => ["message", "%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:log_timestamp} %{WORD:iisSite} %{IPORHOST:site} %{WORD:method} %{URIPATH:page} %{NOTSPACE:querystring} %{NUMBER:port} %{NOTSPACE:username} %{IPORHOST:clienthost} %{NOTSPACE:useragent} %{NOTSPACE:referer} %{NUMBER:response} %{NUMBER:subresponse} %{NUMBER:scstatus} %{NUMBER:bytes:int} %{NUMBER:timetaken:int}"]
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