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Mid-level backend Rails developer

eola are looking for a mid-level Rails dev to start immediately.

As always, we're mainly looking for the right attitude rather than an exact set of experiences


Tech Hub London. May accept remote developer living in the UK.


  • High-priority given to testing and code quality
  • Great share options in the company
  • Unlimited holiday
  • Adventure sports trips
  • Conference and learning budget
  • Low-ish salary (we’re currently getting our seed round). This will increase over time + shares will also be given.
  • Styleguide and perfect, hand-crafted CSS
  • Excellent codebase

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About eola

Rather than reading a block of text, just watch this to see what we do. Also, check out the beautiful 😍

Our Stack

Our stack is wonderfully simple. No shenanigans.

  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Heroku

The Role

We're looking for a self-starter that shares our values when it comes to code; high-quality and robust. You'll be working closely with everyone in our small engineering team, which currently features just a CTO (backend) and a frontend/UI/UX dev, as well as our CEO.

We have clear goals, but will take a hands-off approach on the day-to-day stuff; we're looking for someone we can trust to deliver great stuff reliably. That being said, if you need any help, we can sit down together and pair up. Whatever produces the best results! 😌

The company is currently high risk/reward: offering a low salary with great share options as we're pre-seed. 😎

Given that you’d be the first backend hire, this is obviously a brilliant opportunity to become a lead dev and refine your skills. :bowtie:

Essential skills

  • Happy with everything in a 'normal' Rails ecosystem
  • Happy working with POROs
  • TDD


  • Particularly good at SQL (my weakest skill by quite a margin)
  • Can use a shaka 🤙 unironically (I definitely can't)

Interested? Ping me on

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