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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Formatting constants
BOLD=`tput bold`
UNDERLINE_ON=`tput smul`
UNDERLINE_OFF=`tput rmul`
TEXT_BLACK=`tput setaf 0`
TEXT_RED=`tput setaf 1`
TEXT_GREEN=`tput setaf 2`
TEXT_YELLOW=`tput setaf 3`
TEXT_BLUE=`tput setaf 4`
TEXT_MAGENTA=`tput setaf 5`
TEXT_CYAN=`tput setaf 6`
TEXT_WHITE=`tput setaf 7`
BACKGROUND_BLACK=`tput setab 0`
BACKGROUND_RED=`tput setab 1`
BACKGROUND_GREEN=`tput setab 2`
BACKGROUND_YELLOW=`tput setab 3`
BACKGROUND_BLUE=`tput setab 4`
BACKGROUND_CYAN=`tput setab 6`
BACKGROUND_WHITE=`tput setab 7`
# Wrapper function for Maven's mvn command.
# Filter mvn output using sed
mvn $@ | sed -e "s/\(\[INFO\]\ \-.*\)/${BOLD}\1${RESET_FORMATTING}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[INFO\]\ \[.*\)/${RESET_FORMATTING}${BOLD}\1${RESET_FORMATTING}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[debug\].*\)/${TEXT_CYAN}\1${RESET_FORMATTING}/g" \
-e "s/\(\[ERROR\].*\)/${BOLD}${TEXT_RED}\1${RESET_FORMATTING}/g" \
-e "s/Tests run: \([^,]*\), Failures: \([^,]*\), Errors: \([^,]*\), Skipped: \([^,]*\)/${BOLD}${TEXT_GREEN}Tests run: \1${RESET_FORMATTING}, Failures: ${BOLD}${TEXT_RED}\2${RESET_FORMATTING}, Errors: ${BOLD}${TEXT_RED}\3${RESET_FORMATTING}, Skipped: ${BOLD}${TEXT_YELLOW}\4${RESET_FORMATTING}/g"
# Make sure formatting is reset
# Override the mvn command with the colorized one.
alias mvn="mvn-color"
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dant3 commented Nov 13, 2013

Now it don't pollutes global scope with variables and does not shows INFO so bright blue

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dkowis commented Feb 26, 2014

Very nice! This is a much improved version of what I had hiding in my bashrc

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