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Run Kotlin REPL with built source code and main classpath in Gradle
// Assuming Kotlin plugin is applied...
// Run as: ./gradlew kotlinRepl --console plain --no-daemon
val kotlinRepl by tasks.creating {
description = "Starts Kotlin REPL with compiled main classes and runtime classpath"
val mainSourceSet = java.sourceSets["main"]
doFirst {
val buildscriptClasspath = rootProject.buildscript.configurations["classpath"]
val kotlinPluginJars = buildscriptClasspath
.filter { == "org.jetbrains.kotlin" }
.map { it.file }
val mainClasspath = mainSourceSet.runtimeClasspath.joinToString(separator = ":")
javaexec {
classpath = files(kotlinPluginJars)
main = "org.jetbrains.kotlin.cli.jvm.K2JVMCompiler"
standardInput = System.`in`
args("-cp", mainClasspath)
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