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grails-maven-plugin issues
- Fixed with commit 6e4e2ad, pull request 15
- Can be closed? grails-webflow no longer exists as a dependency
- Not an issue anymore? java.home is an exposed property from maven, and there are no more references to java.version
- Seems to be a non-issue.
- I'm not sure this would want to be fixed.
- Old issue and the supplied patch doesn't seem to reference still-existing code
- The paradigm of the hyphenated-to-camel-case from the command line still might warrant re-addressing in a case where you would want a plugin project with hyphenated names
- Bleh, easy fix. Pull requests to follow
- Appears to be unrelated to the issue & should be opened under another issue that reproduces the problem (and for the correct version 2.1.0.RC1)
- xml-apis contention, but should have a test app provided by Aaron Digulla to fully verify the issue
- reporter says the issue is resolved in 1.3.x and can be closed.
- I commented. This is a non-issue.
- This is almost certainly not a grails-maven-plugin issue and should be addressed as part of the ivy resolver.
- latest documentation included the list of excluded arte(i)facts
- old issue from grails 1.3.5
- there appears to be the appropriate way to manage this issue in the comments
- this doesn't happen in 2.0.3 version, so presumably it was fixed at some point and the issue not updated.
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