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This script combines data but writes the results to rows (with a new column for each item)
Option Explicit
Public Sub SplitCampersByCabin()
Dim lngLastRow As Long, lngIdx As Long, lngNextCol As Long, _
lngCabinRow As Long
Dim wksCampers As Worksheet, wksCabins As Worksheet
Dim varCamper As Variant, varCabin As Variant
Dim dicCampers As Scripting.Dictionary, _
dicCabins As Scripting.Dictionary
Dim strCamper As String, strCabin As String
Set dicCampers = New Dictionary
Set dicCabins = New Dictionary
'We start by identifying the starting sheet
Set wksCampers = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("campers")
'Let's also create a new sheet, where we'll output the transposed data
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Add After:=wksCampers
Set wksCabins = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet
wksCabins.Name = "cabins"
'Now we'll identify the limits of our data and build our dictionaries
With wksCampers
lngLastRow = .Cells.Find(What:="*", LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
'This builds the dicCamper dictionary, where names are keys,
'as well as the dicCabins dictionary, with cabins as keys
For lngIdx = 2 To lngLastRow
strCamper = .Cells(lngIdx, 1)
strCabin = .Cells(lngIdx, 2)
'If this camper is not already in the dictionary, add him or her!
If Not dicCampers.Exists(strCamper) Then
dicCampers.Add Key:=strCamper, Item:=strCabin
End If
'If this cabin is not already in the dictionary, add it!
If Not dicCabins.Exists(strCabin) Then
dicCabins.Add Key:=strCabin, Item:=strCabin
End If
Next lngIdx
End With
'Now we'll start outputting the transposed data to the cabins sheet
lngCabinRow = 1
With wksCabins
'First, our "outer" loop iterates through all the cabins
For Each varCabin In dicCabins.Keys
.Cells(lngCabinRow, 1) = dicCabins(varCabin)
lngNextCol = 2
'Then, our "inner" loop iterates through all the campers
For Each varCamper In dicCampers.Keys
'If this camper's cabin matches the current cabin,
'write the campers name into that row
If dicCampers(varCamper) = dicCabins(varCabin) Then
.Cells(lngCabinRow, lngNextCol) = varCamper
lngNextCol = lngNextCol + 1
End If
Next varCamper
lngCabinRow = lngCabinRow + 1
Next varCabin
End With
'Let the user know that the macro is finished
MsgBox "Script complete!"
End Sub
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