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# Welcome to Sonic Pi v2.0
use_bpm 140
in_thread do
loop do
4.times do
3.times do
sample :ambi_choir, amp: 0.8
sleep 2
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num_chops = 16
slice_length = sample_duration(:loop_amen_full) / num_chops
effects = [:distortion, :distortion, :slicer, :wobble]
define :play_slice do |slice|
if slice == 0
start = 0
start = (1.0 / num_chops) * slice
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="test">
<a href="" data-ref="bubo">Thingz</a>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="ponce">1</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">2</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">3</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">4</li>
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thing: html.attribute('data-thing'),
thong: null,
url: html.attribute('action')
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// Flight Proposal: Groups
// Its useful to be able to structure components together
// so that we can manage their lifecycles. We currently
// group components together using simple initialization
// functions which give us a rough structure but don't
// allow us to manage lifecycles easily which has given
// rise to nested components. However, it's not desirable
// to couple one component to another in this way and
// departs from the self contained nature of Flight
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// Model
var Todo = defineComponent(asModel, function() {
// this would just be a normal component with extra methods
// that define bindable attributes and other logic{
text: String,
complete: Boolean
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# Usage:
def streaming
chunked_response do |resp|
resp.chunk do
"before" * 5000
resp.chunk do
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Time To First Tweet
When users come to, the first thing they want to do is read their timeline. The time that it takes for a user to do this formed the backbone of our performance improvements that are currently being rolled out. We'll explain how we measure Time To First Tweet, how we re-engineered our front end to make this as fast as possible and what our next steps will be to improve our user's experience. Through this we can demonstrate that a pragmatic approach to web performance can help you make the biggest positive impact on your users experience.
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module Mustache
class << self
import com.github.mustachejava.DefaultMustacheFactory
import com.github.mustachejava.jruby.JRubyObjectHandler
def template_dir
Rails.root.join('app', 'templates')
def factory
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