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View Sonic PI Dub.rb
# Welcome to Sonic Pi v2.0
use_bpm 140
in_thread do
loop do
4.times do
3.times do
sample :ambi_choir, amp: 0.8
sleep 2
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num_chops = 16
slice_length = sample_duration(:loop_amen_full) / num_chops
effects = [:distortion, :distortion, :slicer, :wobble]
define :play_slice do |slice|
if slice == 0
start = 0
start = (1.0 / num_chops) * slice
View hooks.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="test">
<a href="" data-ref="bubo">Thingz</a>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="ponce">1</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">2</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">3</li>
<li data-ref="lots" data-action="mouseover:pants">4</li>
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thing: html.attribute('data-thing'),
thong: null,
url: html.attribute('action')
View flight-groups.js
// Flight Proposal: Groups
// Its useful to be able to structure components together
// so that we can manage their lifecycles. We currently
// group components together using simple initialization
// functions which give us a rough structure but don't
// allow us to manage lifecycles easily which has given
// rise to nested components. However, it's not desirable
// to couple one component to another in this way and
// departs from the self contained nature of Flight
danwrong / flight data
Created July 31, 2013 17:39
Just a really rough sketch of what I'd like to see as a data binding layer for flight. The idea is that its all just components and events but the model like behavior, the data binding and the rendering are all just added via mixins....
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// Model
var Todo = defineComponent(asModel, function() {
// this would just be a normal component with extra methods
// that define bindable attributes and other logic{
text: String,
complete: Boolean
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# Usage:
def streaming
chunked_response do |resp|
resp.chunk do
"before" * 5000
resp.chunk do
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Time To First Tweet
When users come to, the first thing they want to do is read their timeline. The time that it takes for a user to do this formed the backbone of our performance improvements that are currently being rolled out. We'll explain how we measure Time To First Tweet, how we re-engineered our front end to make this as fast as possible and what our next steps will be to improve our user's experience. Through this we can demonstrate that a pragmatic approach to web performance can help you make the biggest positive impact on your users experience.
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module Mustache
class << self
import com.github.mustachejava.DefaultMustacheFactory
import com.github.mustachejava.jruby.JRubyObjectHandler
def template_dir
Rails.root.join('app', 'templates')
def factory
danwrong / gist:1300389
Created October 20, 2011 04:06
Playlist from Github Millionth User Party 10-17-11
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Lighter Champion
Pulse vs Flex Lil Silva
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Night Hunter FIS T
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