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Dan Webb danwrong

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(function loadrunner(e){var w=e.document;var h=w.getElementsByTagName("script"),n,k;var B={},j={},v;for(var z=0,r;r=h[z];z++){if(r.src.match(/loadrunner\.js(\?|#|$)/)){n=r;break}}function c(i){if(i.length>0){return i.replace(/\/$/,"")+"/"}return""}function o(i){return}function b(s,E){for(var F=0,G;G=s[F];F++){if(E==G){return F}}return -1}function t(i){return !!i.match(/^(([a-zA-Z0-9\-_]+)\/)*[a-zA-Z0-9\-_]+$/)}function q(i){return[c(y.path),i,".js"].join("")}function d(i){if(i.match(/^(https?)?:?\/\//)){return i}if(i.match(/^\/[^\/]/)){return c(y.docRoot)+i}if(i.match(/^\$/)){return c(y.path)+i.replace(/^\$/,"")}return i}function p(s){var i;if(i=j[s]){return i}else{return s}}function f(){}f.prototype.addCallback=function(i){if(this.completed){i.apply(this,this.results)}else{this.callbacks=this.callbacks||[];this.callbacks.push(i)}};f.prototype.complete=function(){if(!this.completed){this.results=o(arguments);this.completed=true;if(this.callbacks){for(var E=0,s;s=this.callbacks[E]
View exhibit A.js
var args= "";
for(var i=0;i<argument_pairs.length;i++) {
args+= argument_pairs[i][0];
args+= "="
args+= argument_pairs[i][1];
if( i < argument_pairs.length-1 ) args+= "&";
return args;
View gist:596165
About to start a silent teatime demo. Follow @danwrong if you want to play along.
R E T W E E T if you've got a beer in hand!
"Extraordinary is taking a simple idea and revolutionizing it in a way that changes the world."
Surely that deserves a favorite!!
Have any questions? DM me.
View gist:473487
function DropDownMenu(element) {
element.addEventListener('mouseover mouseout', this, false);
DropDownMenu.prototype = {
handleEvent: function(e) {
switch(e.type) {
'mouseover':; break;
'mouseout': this.close(e); break;
View gist:418863
require 'rubygems'
require 'twitter'
oauth ='ctoken', 'csecret')
oauth.authorize_from_access('atoken', 'asecret')
twitter =
annotations = [
{:coffee => {:temperature => "hot", :effectiveness => "crack"}},
{:music => {
danwrong / 10
Created Mar 21, 2010
Twitter DJ Set Tracklist
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Power Lunch - Har Mar Superstar
Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix) - Chemical Brothers
When You Hear The Bassline - Major Lazer
Hey (Black Noise Remix) - Laidback Luke/Diplo
Chainsaw Calligraphy (Propatingz Crunk Massacre Remix) - 16 Bit
Breathe (Number9nine Remix) - The Prodigy
Alert - Liquid Stranger
Technophobe - N-Type & The Others
Explicit - Emalkay
Bow E3 - Wiley
View dombuilder.jquery.js
// DOM Builder plugin for jQuery
// (c) Dan Webb (
// $.build(function() {
// div({ 'class': 'module' },
// h1('A list of stuff'),
// ul(
// li('item 1'),
// li('item 2'),
View validation_reflection.rb
def mandatory?(method)
if @object.class.respond_to? :reflect_on_validations_for
@object.class.reflect_on_validations_for(method).any? { |val| val.macro == :validates_presence_of }
View ejs.jquery.js
// ERB style templates for jQuery in hardly any code.
// Based on
// A tiny and simple plugin to allow erb style template rendering within jQuery.
// Make a template:
// <script type="text/html" id="template1">
// <% $.each(items, function(i, image) { %>
View gist:199146
jQuery(function($) {
if (typeof $.keys != 'function') {
keys: function(obj) {
var a = [];
$.each(obj, function(k){ a.push(k) });
return a;
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