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Fortran module that provides interface with NVIDIA Tools Extension (NVTX) library. This version works with XLF which requires valid arguements to c_loc.
module nvtx_mod
use iso_c_binding
implicit none
integer,private :: col(7) = [ Z'0000ff00', Z'000000ff', Z'00ffff00', &
Z'00ff00ff', Z'0000ffff', Z'00ff0000', Z'00ffffff']
!character(len=256), private :: tempName
character, private, target :: tempName(256)
type, bind(C):: nvtxEventAttributes
integer(C_INT16_T):: version=1
integer(C_INT16_T):: size=48 !
integer(C_INT):: category=0
integer(C_INT):: colorType=1 ! NVTX_COLOR_ARGB = 1
integer(C_INT):: color
integer(C_INT):: payloadType=0 ! NVTX_PAYLOAD_UNKNOWN = 0
integer(C_INT):: reserved0
integer(C_INT64_T):: payload ! union uint,int,double
integer(C_INT):: messageType=1 ! NVTX_MESSAGE_TYPE_ASCII = 1
type(C_PTR):: message ! ascii char
end type
interface nvtxRangePush
! push range with custom label and standard color
subroutine nvtxRangePushA(name) bind(C, name='nvtxRangePushA')
use iso_c_binding
character(kind=C_CHAR) :: name(256)
end subroutine
! push range with custom label and custom color
subroutine nvtxRangePushEx(event) bind(C, name='nvtxRangePushEx')
use iso_c_binding
import:: nvtxEventAttributes
type(nvtxEventAttributes):: event
end subroutine
end interface
interface nvtxRangePop
subroutine nvtxRangePop() bind(C, name='nvtxRangePop')
end subroutine
end interface
subroutine nvtxStartRange(name,id)
character(kind=c_char,len=*) :: name
integer, optional:: id
type(nvtxEventAttributes):: event
character(kind=c_char,len=256) :: trimmed_name
integer :: i
! move scalar trimmed_name into character array tempName
do i=1,LEN(trim(name)) + 1
tempName(i) = trimmed_name(i:i)
if ( .not. present(id)) then
call nvtxRangePush(tempName)
call nvtxRangePushEx(event)
end if
end subroutine
subroutine nvtxEndRange
call nvtxRangePop
end subroutine
end module nvtx_mod

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@dappelha dappelha commented Jun 5, 2017

Example Usage:
call nvtxStartRange("MoveAndCompute")
*** do work ***
call nvtxEndRange


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