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dapperfu / gist:2e40f774204a55e86993a6875517ed5d
Created Aug 18, 2020
Batch Convert .MFC to .MF4 (MDF) files from CSS Electronics CAN Edge 2 in Linux.
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# CSS Electronics
# CAN Edge 2
# Convert all .MFC found MFC files using all cores of the computer.
# Replace -P8 with the number of cores/threads.
find . -name "*.MFC" | xargs -n1 -P8 mdf2finalized --name "" --verbose 5 -i
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echo "set prefix C-a" >> ~/.tmux.conf
tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf
dapperfu / gist:426a60313f21fa57e69c55dcb6f14344
Last active Oct 2, 2020
Ubuntu 20.04 new install fails to boot if install disk was previously part of a ZFS pool.
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Ubuntu 20.04 will fail to boot if you install to a disk that was previously part of a ZFS pool.

A fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install will drop to (initramfs) prompt without much indication of why it failed.

mount has an issue where it doesn't automatically detect the file system (ext4). wipefs shows left over ZFS settings.


dapperfu / Makefile
Created Jun 10, 2020
Notebook to Docs.
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# Python Bits
VENV = /tmp/Kalman-and-Bayesian-Filters-in-Python
.PHONY: venv
venv: ${VENV}
@python3.8 -mvenv ${@}
@${VENV}/bin/pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
@${VENV}/bin/pip install --upgrade --requirement requirements.txt
dapperfu / Ubuntu20.04 ZFS on
Last active May 12, 2020
Lessons learned from Ubuntu 20.04 [Focal Fossa] ZFS-on-Root.
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screen -dmS screen_name bash -c 'ls; exec bash'
screen -S screen_name -x -X screen bash -c 'ls; exec bash'
screen -S screen_name -x -X screen bash -c 'ls; exec bash'
screen -S ${ -x -X screen bash -c 'ls; exec bash'
dapperfu / algebra2.m
Created Feb 16, 2020
Learning Matlab through Algebra examples.
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%% Multiplying a Matrix by Another Matrix
% But to multiply a matrix by another matrix we need to
% do the "dot product" of rows and columns ...
% what does that mean? Let us see with an example:
% Method 1: Using MATLAB.
A = [1 2 3
4 5 6]
dapperfu /
Created Feb 2, 2020
Install inkcut with pipx
pipx install inkcut
pipx runpip inkcut install pyside2 pyqt5
dapperfu / Makefile
Created Jan 29, 2020
kitti database downloader.
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dapperfu / gist:b00d91845ebd77f2a403842ab3d4c614
Created Sep 4, 2019
Passing a (const char *) in ctypes.
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dll = canape.dll
hdl = canape.handle
directory = ctypes.create_string_buffer(b"", 256)
size = ctypes.c_ulong()
# Asap3GetProjectDirectory
dll.Asap3GetProjectDirectory.argtypes=(TAsap3Hdl, ctypes.POINTER(type(directory)), ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_ulong))
result = dll.Asap3GetProjectDirectory(