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Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
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#!/bin/sh -e
# delete previous changelogs
rm -f ChangeLog*
# download changelog
wget -k
# delete lines with following content
sed -i "/<h1>Aegisub trunk builds/d;
/<link /d;
/<p>Please report bugs on <a href=/d;
/<p>There are not really any advantages/d;
/<h3>Older builds/d;
/Pre-3.0.0 builds/d" index.html
mv index.html ChangeLog.html
# convert html to text
html2text ChangeLog.html > ChangeLog.txt
# add newlines between each new changelog entry
sed -i 's/\*\*\*\* /\n\*\*\*\* /g' ChangeLog.txt
##### pre 3.0 #####
rm -f changelog_pre_3.0.*
sed -i "/<h1>Aegisub trunk builds/d;
/<link /d" pre_3.0.html
mv pre_3.0.html changelog_pre_3.0.html
html2text changelog_pre_3.0.html > changelog_pre_3.0.txt
sed -i 's/\*\*\*\* /\n\*\*\*\* /g' changelog_pre_3.0.txt
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