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module Component.Utils.Debounced where
import Prelude
import Data.Either as E
import Data.Foldable (traverse_)
import Data.Maybe (Maybe(..))
import Effect.Aff.AVar as AVar
import Effect.Aff (Milliseconds, delay, forkAff, killFiber)
import Effect.Aff.Class (class MonadAff, liftAff)
import Effect.Class (liftEffect)
import Effect.Exception as Exn
import Effect.Ref as Ref
import Halogen as H
import Halogen.Query.EventSource as ES
newtype DebounceTrigger f g = DebounceTrigger ((forall a. Maybe (a -> f a)) -> g Unit)
runDebounceTrigger :: forall f g. DebounceTrigger f g -> (forall a. a -> f a) -> g Unit
runDebounceTrigger (DebounceTrigger dt) f = dt (Just f)
cancelDebounceTrigger :: forall f g. DebounceTrigger f g -> g Unit
cancelDebounceTrigger (DebounceTrigger dt) = dt Nothing
:: forall s f g p o m
. MonadAff m
=> Milliseconds
-> H.HalogenM s f g p o m (DebounceTrigger f m)
debouncedEventSource ms = do
emitVar <- liftAff AVar.empty
cancelRef <- liftEffect $ Nothing
source :: ES.EventSource f m
source = ES.EventSource $ pure
{ producer: ES.produceAff (liftAff <<< flip AVar.put emitVar)
, done: pure unit
push :: DebounceTrigger f m
push = DebounceTrigger $ \k -> liftAff do
emit <- emitVar
liftEffect ( cancelRef) >>= traverse_ (killFiber $ Exn.error "Debounced")
liftEffect <<< flip Ref.write cancelRef <<< Just =<< forkAff do
case k of
Nothing -> pure unit
Just f -> do
delay ms
emit $ E.Left $ f ES.Listening
H.subscribe source $> push
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