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Last active Dec 28, 2015
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Generated text for #NaNoGenMo

Geraldine, Dorotea, Thea, Susette, Cristionna, and Tonia found themselves dropped off at the same party at the same time by their respective mothers. How awkward.

As Thea entered the front yard, she saw Cristionna making trouble. Thea eyed Cristionna's fashionable purse with envy. She thought about Cristionna. She hated her so damn much. Why couldn't she be more like her? Why did everyone want to be like her? Just thinking about it made her want to puke.

Susette entered the garage. Susette peered in the car door for some kind of clue as to whose house this was.

Cristionna walked into the front yard and saw Geraldine. Great. "Where did you get that jacket, Geraldine?" Geraldine ignored her.

Dorotea and Tonia ran into each other in the foyer. "Why would you say that?" Dorotea asked.

Tonia yawned. "because I just got raped by that Ochem exam."

Geraldine entered the garage. Susette was there, as if waiting. "Where did you get that skirt, Susette?" Susette ignored her.

"Perfect, I've got the foyer all to myself," thought Dorotea. Dorotea debated just leaving the house.

Thea looked around the front yard. Thea started to climb the tree, then thought better of it. She thought about Thea. Thea and that ostentatious hat of hers. She wanted that watch. Nothing else would do. Nobody really knew how she felt.

Tonia and Cristionna ran into each other in the living room. Cristionna stiffened and began to ramble, not noticing Tonia, as if in a fugue state. "I was entered in a beauty contest and I had gotten a wonderful dress, and shoes, and gloves...but my mom's and dad's cars were in the shop. I was panicked. I called up a family friend, Karen, and she and her daughters, Satahi and Amron, came right over. We zipped over to the rec center where the contest was being held. I won the contest and I won an all--expense--paid round trip to Hawaii, first class."

Thea entered the foyer. Dorotea was there, as if waiting. Thea stared at Dorotea suspiciously.

Susette entered the front yard. Susette started to climb the tree, then thought better of it.

Tonia looked around the dining room. The next thing she saw was the dining room table, which left her feeling disquieted. She was hoping it would distract her, if for some brief moment, from her life.

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