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Bot Summit IRC Log
--- Log opened Sat Nov 24 17:02:40 2013
17:02 -!- igowen [] has joined #botsummit
17:02 -!- Irssi: #botsummit: Total of 9 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 8 normal]
17:02 -!- Irssi: Join to #botsummit was synced in 0 secs
17:03 dubbin_: i muted
17:03 -!- rustyk5 [] has joined #botsummit
17:03 rustyk5: hello fellow humans
17:03 dubbin_: greetings
17:04 -!- dubbin [183f9255@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
17:04 rustyk5: dubbin_: which one are you?
17:04 dubbin_: high-collared sweater in the remote row
17:04 rustyk5: ah I thought so
17:05 rustyk5: that echo is terrible
17:05 @dariusk: is it echoing right now?
17:05 rustyk5: yesssss
17:05 sjml: oh yeah
17:05 rustyk5: really bad
17:05 @dariusk: how about now?
17:05 sjml: but it feels more futuristic that way
17:05 -!- Sam_ [734063a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:05 rustyk5: oh perfect
17:05 lalanl: fixed
17:05 @dariusk: yay
17:05 sjml: aaaaaah
17:05 sjml: (IRC may be behind the stream)
17:06 @dariusk: echo still okay?
17:06 rustyk5: yup
17:06 @dariusk: k
17:06 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
17:07 dubbin_: sup tully
17:07 -!- Prescott_ [4086e5a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:07 tullyhansen: Oh wow, the chat stream done filled up! Morning/evening everyone!
17:08 igowen: nostrich: this is oddly prescient
17:08 @dariusk: tullyhansen, you having trouble connecting?
17:09 tullyhansen: To the hangout? Haven't tried since I got back, this morning was fine? I will be here properly in three mins.
17:10 @dariusk: great
17:11 rustyk5: HI CASEY
17:11 nostrich: CASEY
17:11 rustyk5: casey hi!
17:11 rustyk5: I can see casey talking you guys
17:11 -!- Sam_ [734063a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
17:12 nostrich: OMG SHOUT OUT TO ME
17:12 -!- zw2 is now known as zachwhalen
17:12 rustyk5: shout out to dark social
17:12 igowen: shout out to your real name for some reason
17:12 nostrich: haha
17:12 rustyk5: dammit casey you'r edead to us
17:12 -!- gregburek [4c6626fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:14 rustyk5: wondering what Darius thinks a summit is
17:14 rustyk5: apart form people in a room
17:15 rustyk5: it's not on an actual mountain darius
17:15 zachwhalen: IRC being logged, too?
17:15 -!- Sam_ [734063a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:15 zachwhalen: tiny frogbots
17:16 rustyk5: lol
17:16 rustyk5: NO I said summits oh never mind
17:16 dubbin_: they all run off their own raspberry pi
17:17 igowen: can't see it on the livestream
17:17 igowen: still video
17:17 gregburek: still video
17:17 dubbin_: sup tenrd ben
17:17 gregburek: yep
17:17 dubbin_: oh wait ben's not in here
17:19 tullyhansen: Is this aparrish?
17:19 zachwhalen: yep
17:20 @dariusk: oh
17:21 tullyhansen: r-r-r-r-remix
17:21 rustyk5: why doesnt this irc channel have a bot?
17:21 @dariusk: it has me, rustyk5
17:21 rustyk5:
17:21 sjml: Darius is lord of all bots
17:22 tullyhansen: 10rdBen and I lit by the same Southern sun窶ヲ
17:22 igowen: rustyk5: I can bring the_curator in
17:22 rustyk5: igowen: dfo it
17:23 tullyhansen: Taxonomy #drink
17:23 dubbin_: haha
17:23 @dariusk: tullyhansen, heh I was gonna say
17:23 dubbin_: took us 23 minutes to get our first taxonomy
17:24 -!- the_curator [] has joined #botsummit
17:24 -!- Ben_10rd [73405868@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:24 dubbin_: TENNERD
17:24 tullyhansen: "greasy cretin boy" wow
17:24 zachwhalen: #taxonomy
17:24 rustyk5:
17:24 rustyk5:
17:24 the_curator: @everyword: lets
17:24 the_curator: @everyword: all
17:24 rustyk5:
17:25 the_curator: @everyword: be
17:25 rustyk5:
17:25 the_curator: @everyword: bots
17:25 zachwhalen: "chad"
17:25 rustyk5: goochcobbler
17:25 Ben_10rd: how do i emoji in IRC?
17:26 igowen: lol max_read
17:26 rustyk5: haha
17:26 nostrich: hahaha
17:26 igowen: wow look at those tweet ids for the earlier words
17:26 @dariusk: yyyup
17:26 rustyk5: so low
17:27 nostrich: joho cameo, nice
17:27 rustyk5:
17:27 the_curator: @everyword: aardvark
17:27 igowen: hopefully we get a joho shoutout later
17:27 igowen: as the proprietor of searcheveryword
17:28 igowen: <- icymi
17:28 rustyk5: yeah fyi I'm using
17:30 rustyk5: rigging a window so it looks like the stars are going out would be a bigger accomplishment than making everyword tbh
17:30 @dariusk: hah
17:30 @dariusk: damn it I was gonna say "telos" and adam beat me to it
17:30 rustyk5: when NIN releases halo 13...
17:31 Sam_: People seem to treat everyword just like horse_ebooks.
17:32 @dariusk: most popular bots elicit similar responses
17:32 @dariusk: I get some of that (minus the eschatology) for @twoheadlines
17:32 nostrich: @brian_pickings gets a lot of this
17:32 the_curator: @MazzyByrne: Some interesting ideas here @brian_pickings
17:33 Ben_10rd: the eschtaeology stuff reminds me of the FalseFlaggers a little bit. Paranoia/conspiracy thiking.
17:33 dubbin_: oh yeah totally
17:33 dubbin_: my favorite was the false flaggers who hated falseflagbot because it was distracting from real false flags
17:33 igowen: lmao
17:33 igowen: "real"
17:33 rustyk5: real false
17:33 Ben_10rd: i know right
17:33 rustyk5: bot: RealFlags
17:34 rustyk5: tweeting events that really are what they are
17:34 dubbin_: @TotallyFlags
17:34 Ben_10rd: Hi joeeelll
17:34 tullyhansen: Joel!!
17:34 dubbin_: BOODOO
17:34 igowen: rustyk5: isn't that just the news
17:34 rustyk5: shhh
17:34 rustyk5: igowen: it's all about the framing
17:34 dubbin_: i recognize joel from his headphones
17:34 Ben_10rd: omg joel is bot making prodigy
17:35 Ben_10rd: so many bots
17:35 -!- ibogost [181e6761@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:35 dubbin_: aww yeha
17:36 nostrich: wtf this guy is an insane genius
17:36 @dariusk: we will bring montfort into the twitter fold
17:36 zachwhalen: Oh hey nick
17:36 Ben_10rd: ah, Ian is here, but wil IBOGHOST be here?
17:36 -!- gregburek [4c6626fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:36 ibogost: ebook him, danno
17:37 ibogost: the livestream is delightfully fuzzy
17:37 tullyhansen: This is my first 10rdBen experience not mediated through text窶ヲ loving it.
17:37 @dariusk: visual or audio?
17:37 ibogost: video
17:37 tullyhansen: Visual.
17:37 ibogost: audio is solid
17:37 @dariusk: cool
17:37 ibogost: cataract-style
17:37 igowen: I'm glad to be continuously informed that the summit isn't starting until 5pm
17:38 @dariusk: hahah
17:38 tullyhansen: "Disappeared" A LIKELY STORY
17:38 @dariusk: oops
17:38 ibogost: OH HOLY CRAP
17:38 ibogost: so sharp now
17:38 lalanl: It's really useful to know that time is not progressing and that we're all trapped
17:38 igowen: lol the year of luigi
17:38 ibogost: instant cataract surgery
17:39 lalanl: In this, the eternity of Luigi
17:39 Ben_10rd: can we get a room mic mute again
17:39 Ben_10rd: its echoing on teh stream
17:39 Ben_10rd: heheh s/o #botALLY
17:39 -!- Hectate [4a83fff8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:40 igowen: wow the stream is way behind
17:40 igowen: for me at least
17:40 @dariusk: yes it is
17:40 zachwhalen: like a minute or two
17:40 Ben_10rd: permissive botALLY user
17:41 ibogost: the stream seems live to me
17:41 Hectate: what'd I miss?
17:42 Ben_10rd: ghost joel
17:43 nostrich: i have a question, why didn't everyword tweet subtweet
17:43 Ben_10rd: yeah the question of "serious" vs "playful/ironic" engagement with bots is... proooobably unanswerable.
17:44 tullyhansen: Iterators/corpus exhausters (H/T @BooDooPerson)
17:44 tullyhansen: Looking at my notes窶ヲ :-)
17:45 dubbin_: totally read that as "corpus exosaurs"
17:45 ibogost: My old Twittering Rocks bot(s) had a timeframe.
17:45 ibogost: they also broke with the API changeover
17:45 ibogost: so oh well
17:45 Ben_10rd: ohhh yeah I remember that bot
17:45 dubbin_: i found a bunch of defunct bots that all died when that happened
17:45 Ben_10rd: bot(s)
17:45 dubbin_: mass oauth extinction event
17:45 ibogost: with Twittering Rocks the problem was
17:45 ibogost: we had 50+ accounts to oauth
17:45 ibogost: and ugh
17:45 zachwhalen: I think I still follow most of those twittering rocks bots
17:46 ibogost: also that bot started back when twitter still had a public genreal feed
17:46 tullyhansen: We've got time then.
17:46 ibogost: which was part of the design
17:46 -!- sjml [acf87934@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:46 Ben_10rd: yeah a guy I found who had a list of bots, maybe half were defunct after the API change
17:47 Ben_10rd: actually selling the account is more common than you'd think
17:47 igowen: I have a question for casey: is Jargotron a person?
17:47 @dariusk: that's BROCK jargotron to you
17:47 Ben_10rd: the guy who made "tweets as instagrams" or something - just tweets of typical instagrampics - turned it into his provate acount after 50k people followed him
17:48 ibogost: ha!
17:48 Ben_10rd: I remember being super surprised by it like "who is this guy I didnt follow him"
17:48 @dariusk: wow
17:48 Ben_10rd: he just flipped his viral success into personal success!
17:48 ibogost: everyone's a hustler
17:48 Ben_10rd: (tons unfollwed obvs, but not all of em!)
17:48 Sam_: but what *is* a word?
17:48 Ben_10rd: i've lost video of the room, btw - was that deliberate
17:49 igowen: what *are* words? we just don't know.
17:49 ibogost: video is on for me
17:49 @dariusk: Ben_10rd, no, video is going
17:49 ibogost: maybe if you weren't in the future, ben
17:49 dubbin_: my video's down too hm
17:49 dubbin_: i'll try refreshing
17:49 tullyhansen: Working here.
17:49 dubbin_: back
17:50 tullyhansen: @everyword2?
17:50 ibogost: @TheRealEveryWord
17:50 zachwhalen: Take over @everynumber
17:50 tullyhansen: @Paranoid_EveryWord
17:50 Ben_10rd: oooh i've got a question for adam - have you ever downloadded the Everyword archive?
17:50 Ben_10rd: And how BIG is it hahaha
17:51 lalanl: birrds
17:51 tullyhansen: Think the archive is at
17:51 Ben_10rd: @EveryFile
17:51 tullyhansen:
17:52 igowen: shoutout to john holdun
17:52 Ben_10rd: YES!
17:52 Ben_10rd: tully
17:53 -!- samplereality [18e042c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
17:54 Ben_10rd: I'm surprised by how many people just reply "thanks" to everyword
17:54 ibogost: sample sample sample
17:54 samplereality: yeah sorry i'm late. i was over at #marksdh2013
17:54 ibogost: holy shit
17:56 ibogost: Bot Summit Souvenir Programme 2013
17:57 ibogost: uhh
17:57 dubbin_: niiice
17:57 ibogost: can anyone else not hear anything
17:57 ibogost: or just me
17:57 dubbin_: i can? i refreshed before and got it all back
17:57 Ben_10rd: yeah i can hear tully
17:57 zachwhalen: I can hear
17:57 zachwhalen: Just Tully now
17:58 @dariusk: yeah we're all muted except him
17:58 ibogost: refreshing worked
17:59 Ben_10rd: i really like the independent/dependent criteria.... but I can see it getting kinda blurry when Red Scare Bot wakes up after years of silence following an EveryWord tweet about "Communism" in post-human twitter
17:59 lalanl: haaa
17:59 -!- jonbro [] has joined #botsummit
17:59 * zachwhalen nods
17:59 jonbro: hey.
18:00 ibogost: Independent of Twitter, but not of Latour
18:00 dubbin_: h
18:00 dubbin_: A
18:00 dubbin_: "ha"
18:01 @dariusk: heh
18:01 @dariusk: hey jonbro
18:01 jonbro: hi, I am here with pistachioroux/morgan as well.
18:02 @dariusk: hi morgan
18:02 Ben_10rd: Yeah Tom Armitage's Tower Bot is nice, he gave a talk recently that was really good
18:02 dubbin_: leonard just got an exosaur everyone
18:02 ibogost: niiiiice
18:02 Ben_10rd: tully linked us to it the other day
18:02 dubbin_:
18:02 the_curator: @Exosaurs: Leonard Richardson, Cryptoraptor of HD 204313 c
18:02 Ben_10rd: Wooo! Congrats!
18:03 ibogost: I will punch the first person to say "Guy Debord"
18:03 lalanl: ibogost threat bot
18:04 jonbro: sigh debord
18:04 Ben_10rd: Roundteam is p handy, I paid my $30 to get the full service
18:05 dubbin_: making some tea, anyone want any?
18:05 Ben_10rd: loooove stelth mountain
18:05 Ben_10rd: yeah thanks Rob!
18:05 lalanl: what kind?
18:05 dubbin_: yea stealth mountain is a wonderful continuous troll
18:05 dubbin_: checking into it now
18:05 Ben_10rd: stealth mountain's favourites are the beeeeeest
18:05 Ben_10rd:
18:06 igowen: haha
18:06 igowen:
18:06 the_curator: @HowdyNaufal: @StealthMountain fuck you dick shit
18:06 Ben_10rd: "wow get a life you hermit"
18:06 @dariusk: "hermit" is perhaps the kindest insult possible
18:06 ibogost: epic.
18:07 dubbin_: objectively, stealth mountain's the real cream hunter
18:07 -!- MattSchneider [8a331d0d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:07 -!- Leonardo_uprm [] has joined #botsummit
18:07 dubbin_: ps you're all getting hibiscus superflower tea with blueberru
18:07 dubbin_: berry*
18:07 Leonardo_uprm: Hi folks!
18:07 @dariusk: hi Leonardo_uprm
18:08 MattSchneider: Hey all
18:08 -!- samplereality [18e042c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:08 -!- BooDooPERSON [] has joined #botsummit
18:08 -!- ckolderup [~casey@] has joined #botsummit
18:08 -!- BooDooPERSON is now known as boodoo
18:08 -!- samplereality [~samplerea@] has joined #botsummit
18:08 -!- MattSchneider [8a331d0d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #botsummit []
18:09 ibogost: blue lines are the best
18:09 @dariusk: Leonardo_uprm, there is
18:09 boodoo: trollgost
18:09 @dariusk: haha
18:09 -!- mattlaschneider [8a331d0d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:09 Leonardo_uprm: clap clap clap
18:09 zachwhalen: How about those twitter accounts created/hired to plump client follow counts (the Newt Gingrich example)? A flavor of spam, I guess.
18:09 ibogost: basically a flavor fo spam
18:10 ibogost: but also bots
18:10 Sam_: My favourite iterators are colinsbearanim and OldSubversions
18:10 dubbin_: i just had a friend email me to ask if i could gift one of his friends with bot followers
18:10 Ben_10rd: hahah Sam
18:11 tullyhansen: Genesis of the .reply.
18:12 zachwhalen: but more existential, since their only job is to receive and continue existing
18:12 Ben_10rd: ahh echooo
18:12 mattlaschneider: mute plz
18:12 @dariusk: thanks Sam_
18:13 Leonardo_uprm: There's fake bots, too.
18:13 Ben_10rd: *cough*Horse_Ebooks*cough*
18:13 Leonardo_uprm: exactly
18:14 boodoo: so sick of Fake Bot Bots
18:14 Ben_10rd: yeah the "fake RT" stuff was pretty funny
18:14 Leonardo_uprm: or cyborg bots
18:14 @dariusk: ha
18:14 Leonardo_uprm: partly generated
18:14 Leonardo_uprm: partly written
18:14 Ben_10rd: It didn't seem to make much of a differnece in the Aus mainstream news, but i could see it being so in the future
18:14 dubbin_: anyone remember the kickbee?
18:14 dubbin_:
18:15 dubbin_: is that covered here? it was a wearable computing bot that tweeted when a fetus kicked its mother
18:15 Ben_10rd: and most mainstream news people would not get the inns and outs of the detail that it's not *necessarily* paid RT spam
18:15 Leonardo_uprm: partly curated, too
18:15 -!- samplereality [~samplerea@] has left #botsummit []
18:15 Sam_: I'd like to hear thoughts on bot maker ethics
18:15 Ben_10rd: i think Darius has a plan to talk about that
18:16 Sam_: cool
18:16 @dariusk: yeah it's on the schedule
18:16 -!- leonardr [] has joined #botsummit
18:16 dubbin_: heyo
18:16 Ben_10rd: nice tea shot Rob
18:16 Ben_10rd: oi
18:16 boodoo: dubbin_, whoa kickbee is...interesting.
18:16 Ben_10rd: quit it
18:17 zachwhalen: I mean, I know we're not supposed to talk about "what is/isn't a bot", but I think it's worth asking whether botness lies in what a bot does or what it is. Ya know.
18:18 @dariusk: ontooooology
18:18 Leonardo_uprm: This is the link to my resource on bots:
18:18 zachwhalen: Yeh
18:19 boodoo: Sadly the parameters the constrain bot existence are ever-changing
18:19 dubbin_: yeah right now it's like a folk art
18:19 Ben_10rd: big diff b/w legal/responsible
18:19 mattlaschneider: I kind of like the entropy of it, in ways. While it can kill long-abandoned bots, it makes them a bit of a moving target窶輩ou gotta keep engaged.
18:19 ckolderup: but they could be documented in a way that we could at least attempt to keep up to date.
18:20 boodoo: oh sure
18:20 dubbin_: yeah or we could just tell everyone to pay attention to darius
18:20 igowen: ckolderup: the problem with documenting the acceptable parameters is that spammers push up against that all the time
18:20 dubbin_: that's how i've learned most of the limits
18:20 igowen: always toeing the line
18:20 ckolderup: true
18:20 dubbin_: yeah
18:20 dubbin_: fair
18:20 ibogost: Another thing
18:20 ibogost: Now that Twitter is public
18:21 ibogost: i.e., post IPO
18:21 ibogost: they will likely want to keep down their "fake user" stats
18:21 -!- hmason [18671496@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:21 -!- ranjit_ [18671496@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:21 leonardr: hi hmason
18:21 hmason: hello!
18:21 dubbin_: hi!
18:21 ckolderup: ii cant type on this ipad so ill save my more nuanced point for later
18:21 Ben_10rd: mmmm, I guess there's maybe some use in making "bot" not be "fake"
18:21 igowen: ibogost: solution: build brands around your bots
18:21 ranjit_: hello botters!
18:21 igowen: twitter is all about brands now
18:21 mattlaschneider: Agreed, Ian窶祢'm curious to see what the move to public will mean.
18:22 mattlaschneider: So will the "fake" art bots have to give way to the "real" corporate bots?
18:22 Ben_10rd: We could do an awareness campaign: "Bot doesn't mean Fake! Bot means bot!" or something =P
18:22 zachwhalen: Anyone know how works?
18:22 ibogost: I wouldn't doubt that the "fake" art bots will be given less freedom than the "real" corporate ones
18:22 ranjit_: whoo pentametron got mentioned :)
18:22 @dariusk: ranjit_ of course it did
18:23 mattlaschneider: I think that RealHumanPraise is a good ambassador for bots
18:23 ckolderup: darius does also have an item on thr agenda about what moving from twitter might look like
18:23 ckolderup: which is probably flamebait :P
18:23 @dariusk: heh
18:23 @dariusk: mattlaschneider, I agree
18:23 ibogost: Right, cos its possible just to use Twitter as a source for semi-useful textual data
18:23 @dariusk: I want it to replace horse_e
18:24 Leonardo_uprm: The image of an abandoned Twitter full of bots responding to each other reminds me of that Arthur C. Clarke story "There Will Come Soft Rains" which features an automated house in a post-apocalyptic world with no inhabitants.
18:24 dubbin_: RHP just dipped below 30k so it'll have to enjoy ambassadorship while it lasts
18:24 Leonardo_uprm: Here's a link:
18:24 ibogost: I've done that for arbitrary markov corpuses
18:24 zachwhalen:
18:24 Hectate: could you disconnect the bot's activity from the service - have a seperate, upgradable module that manages the interface to the service (twitter, FB, etc) and the bot just connects to that the same way always?
18:24 ibogost: Can you switch the hangout view back to the room
18:24 hmason: @Hectate that's one of my goals for ... but it's just twitter so far
18:24 dubbin_: @hectate i'll save the details of this for when darius brings it up but there are some good libs out there for posting without twitter's API
18:25 Hectate: nifty
18:25 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:25 Hectate: welp; afk
18:26 igowen: whoever's talking is inaudible on the stream
18:26 ibogost: yeah
18:26 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
18:26 Leonardo_uprm: bravo!
18:26 Hectate: actually, i'll probably be gone for a while - is anybody going to post the logs from chat? Presumably the video feed is going to be archived also.
18:26 @dariusk: video will be archived
18:26 @dariusk: I'll copy paste
18:26 ranjit_: *WAVES*
18:26 @dariusk: the chat
18:27 Hectate: tyvm; later everyone
18:27 zachwhalen: ranjit_ woooo!
18:27 hmason: hi hi and wooo!
18:27 -!- Hectate [4a83fff8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:27 jonbro: ranjit_! WOO!
18:27 ranjit_: googling "mycybertwin" gives "A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt" -- IRONY!!
18:27 igowen: haha
18:27 boodoo: Right? perfect
18:28 tullyhansen: Oh wow, hi Joanne, big Internet of Dreams fan here!
18:28 -!- porpentine [328fa2c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:28 leonardr: hi hmason1 thanks so much -jm
18:28 lalanl: Hiiii Porp :)
18:28 dubbin_: oh hey porp
18:29 leonardr: (that was from joanne to tullyhansen)
18:29 porpentine: HEY THERE
18:29 @dariusk: porpentine!! btw I got your drawings they are incredible
18:29 porpentine: SUP BABYCAKES
18:29 porpentine: Oh GOOD
18:29 @dariusk: drawings/games
18:29 porpentine: :)
18:29 porpentine: feel free to take pics of them
18:29 @dariusk: excellent, I will
18:29 porpentine: so i can remember the good times...good times drawing em...
18:29 porpentine: lol did you act on any of the drawings?
18:29 @dariusk: not yet but I will
18:30 -!- aparrish [] has joined #botsummit
18:30 porpentine: XD
18:30 @dariusk: we have houseguests this weekend so it's perfect
18:30 -!- jehosafet [46700e16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
18:30 porpentine: eheehhhe
18:30 porpentine: show them the power of the berry bug sisters!!
18:30 porpentine: wait, which ones did i send you?
18:30 @dariusk: yes, berry bugs was one
18:30 @dariusk: I can't recall the others
18:30 porpentine: WHOOO EMILY SHORT
18:31 tullyhansen: Forgive me 窶・breakfasting窶ヲ
18:31 Sam_: Galatea!
18:31 -!- paperkettles [] has joined #botsummit
18:32 @dariusk: EA's GalatEA
18:32 @dariusk: 2013
18:32 dubbin_: it's whitman's ghost
18:32 -!- jehosafet [46700e16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #botsummit []
18:32 @dariusk: hi paperkettles
18:32 boodoo: Oh no! TweetsOfGrass is a Fake Bot Bot :[[[
18:32 tullyhansen: Oh wow, that's super interesting.
18:32 paperkettles: hey!
18:32 @dariusk: I suspect @latourbot is too
18:32 Ben_10rd: ahahah! sprung!
18:33 porpentine: every twitter account is a bot
18:33 porpentine: imo
18:33 porpentine: im definitely a bot
18:33 tullyhansen: But porpenteen is real.
18:33 porpentine: porpenteen is dead....
18:33 boodoo: not anymore
18:33 Ben_10rd: RIP porpenteen
18:33 porpentine: lol
18:33 igowen: what are humans but fleshy robots
18:33 porpentine: RIP
18:33 porpentine: REST IN PORPY
18:33 boodoo: porpin' our a 40 for the porpenteen
18:33 zachwhalen: twitter is a "bot-like constraint"
18:33 porpentine: ahah
18:33 -!- rao [] has joined #botsummit
18:33 @dariusk: yeah, true
18:33 porpentine: what's that from?
18:33 porpentine: i like that phrase
18:34 porpentine: im gonna boot up darkporpy in honor of the bot summit
18:34 ibogost: bawt.
18:34 porpentine: let the bots flow.....
18:34 tullyhansen: Anyone have a link for the index page we're looking at now?
18:34 lalanl:
18:34 @dariusk:
18:34 lalanl: oh whoops
18:34 @dariusk: no
18:34 @dariusk: lalanl, you're right
18:34 @dariusk: I'm wrong
18:34 tullyhansen: Awesome, ty.
18:34 porpentine: u fucked up
18:35 * dariusk seppukus
18:35 lalanl: whee! I'll remember the time I was right Forever.
18:35 lalanl: oh no
18:35 lalanl: :[
18:35 porpentine: *puts darius' guts back inside <_>*
18:35 lalanl: I'll never be right again, I swear
18:35 porpentine: see what happens lala
18:35 porpentine: ppl die
18:36 ranjit_: anagramatron is curated, no?
18:36 @dariusk: ranjit_, is it?
18:36 @dariusk: I hope it is
18:36 ranjit_: either curated or magic
18:36 @dariusk: because if it is I will feel better about what I make
18:36 ranjit_: but then people refuse to believe that pentametron is NOT curated
18:36 @dariusk: there are libs out there that find anagrams, though
18:36 @dariusk: it just takes a while
18:36 ckolderup: i think i read somewhere that he has a mobile-friendly webadmin i
18:36 ckolderup: ...nterface
18:37 ranjit_: finding anagrams is not so hard, choosing the interesting pairs is where i think the curation comes in
18:37 ckolderup: i need
18:37 boodoo: I built one and now never use it :x
18:37 ckolderup: a laptop. or to shut up
18:37 @dariusk: ckolderup, cool tablet bro
18:37 ckolderup: hahaha
18:37 ckolderup: check your privilege
18:37 mattlaschneider: @dariusk 窶板I think I have a semi-put-together talk now
18:38 @dariusk: mattlaschneider, great, about what?
18:38 @dariusk: so I know where to slot it
18:38 ibogost: are those birds?
18:38 @dariusk: ibogost, yes, puerto rican birds
18:38 ibogost: birds!
18:38 ibogost: No, everything is not a bot.
18:38 aparrish: I think he said they were frogs?
18:38 dubbin_:
18:38 zachwhalen: Frogs
18:38 @dariusk: oh wait
18:38 dubbin_: a gif for you, summit
18:38 @dariusk: frogs
18:38 leonardr: i remember anagramatron creator telling me he curates, but it's hearsay and inadmissable
18:38 @dariusk: frogs are birds
18:39 porpentine: true
18:39 aparrish: basically yeah
18:39 ibogost: correct
18:39 mattlaschneider: @dariusk Gonna talk briefly about the pedagogical value of bots, DIY culture, and tie into literary antecedents, but nothing too fancy
18:39 @dariusk: excellent
18:39 @dariusk: then you're next
18:39 mattlaschneider: @dariusk Just something I think will open up discussion
18:39 porpentine: i want a bot that generates horoscopes
18:39 aparrish: are we going to take a minute tonight to have a fistfight about horse_ebooks
18:39 @dariusk: haha
18:40 igowen: lolol
18:40 ibogost: not all fake bots are trying to be non-fake tho
18:40 porpentine: did u know horse_ebooks loves porpentine games
18:40 dubbin_: i am militant about horse_ebooks being a thing that is okay
18:40 dubbin_: but no better
18:40 porpentine: that should have been the headline imo
18:40 ibogost: @bogost_ebooks is constrained authorship from the bogost oeuvre
18:40 Leonardo_uprm: Yes. They're frogs.
18:41 ibogost: is that a bot?
18:41 tullyhansen: Tell me about it! #impostersyndrome
18:41 boodoo: $5 says TweetsOfGrass is just Mark Sample himself.
18:41 lalanl: Are the frogs bots?
18:41 zachwhalen: frogbot_ebooks
18:41 ibogost: frogs are birds.
18:41 lalanl: frogbird
18:41 igowen: are birds bots?
18:41 porpentine: why screenshare when you can screenhoarde
18:41 ranjit_:
18:41 zachwhalen: frogbot_ebirds
18:41 Leonardo_uprm: coqui_ebirds
18:41 igowen: birdbot_frogbooks
18:42 aparrish: "fad of bots" is the appropriate collective term I believe
18:42 ibogost: hahaha
18:42 Ben_10rd: lol
18:42 ckolderup: gg
18:42 tullyhansen: Can you Storify IRC?
18:42 @dariusk: what about IRL
18:42 ranjit_: sorry i missed intro - who is speaking now?
18:43 porpentine: a pulsation of bots
18:43 zachwhalen: ranjit_: mattlaschneider
18:43 Leonardo_uprm: Matt Schneider
18:43 ranjit_: thanks!
18:43 porpentine: a quiver of bots
18:43 @dariusk: Schneider, Matt
18:43 ibogost: a favstar of bots
18:43 porpentine: lol
18:43 Leonardo_uprm: an ebook of bots
18:43 ranjit_: a mlkshk of bots
18:43 ranjit_: hi matt!
18:43 Ben_10rd: yep
18:43 Leonardo_uprm: True!
18:44 ibogost: that's a good idea to use a raspberry pi as a server
18:44 ckolderup: a microinstance of bots
18:44 ibogost: why didn't i think of that
18:44 ibogost: am i an idiot
18:44 @dariusk: yes
18:44 ibogost: noted.
18:44 Ben_10rd: I plead the fifth
18:44 tullyhansen: "Botmaking as folk art" seems a cool concept窶ヲ
18:44 @dariusk: yeah, it does
18:44 ranjit_: am_i_an_idiot_bot
18:44 zachwhalen: I need to get me one of those
18:44 ibogost: Folkbot
18:44 paperkettles: trufax
18:44 @dariusk: outsider programming
18:44 ckolderup: feels more like outsider art sometimes
18:44 ckolderup: jinx
18:44 @dariusk: ckolderup, scooped
18:44 Leonardo_uprm: I created a G+ community for botteurs:
18:44 tullyhansen: I know that Patrick/LightAesthetic has mooted a #botjam at some point窶ヲ
18:44 Leonardo_uprm: You're all invited.
18:45 ibogost: #botsuffrage
18:45 porpentine: artisanal bots
18:45 ckolderup: can we use somethin
18:45 ibogost: I haven't done any bots in python
18:45 Ben_10rd: hand crafted bots, made by real artisans
18:45 Leonardo_uprm: iBot
18:45 ibogost: what makes python better for bottage
18:45 boodoo: Not sure "better" - but as good as (x)
18:45 @dariusk: python has generally the best natural language tools
18:45 jonbro: botjam: make a bot every hour for 24 hours.
18:45 ibogost: oh right
18:45 ibogost: python does have that great natural language kit
18:45 igowen: I'm gonna get a storefront in brooklyn and write bots in the window
18:45 ibogost: of course
18:46 paperkettles: lots of api libs "for humans" in python too
18:46 tullyhansen: #NaNoBotGenGenMo
18:46 ibogost: Bot-tom's Up, a bot bar in Brooklyn
18:46 Ben_10rd: *groan
18:46 ibogost: Achievement unlocked: annoyed Ben
18:47 Ben_10rd: no that was Ian
18:47 aparrish: hahahaha
18:47 igowen: The Bot-anical Garden
18:47 paperkettles: 99 bot'ls of beer on the wall...
18:47 porpentine: bot-any
18:47 hmason: has anyone made a random number with twitter as the entropy source?
18:47 paperkettles: Someone must've made a Bot Or Not site, yeah?
18:47 ckolderup: tofu_
18:47 -!- samplereality [~samplerea@] has joined #botsummit
18:47 ibogost: Correct.
18:47 jonbro: no that wasn't you.
18:47 porpentine: NO U'R DOIN GOOD BABY
18:47 porpentine: DONT GET DEPRESS
18:47 Leonardo_uprm: clap clap clap
18:47 ckolderup: is ObjC
18:47 porpentine: DONT GET SAD
18:47 ckolderup: btw
18:47 porpentine: KEEP IT UP
18:48 porpentine: STAY BRAVE
18:48 ibogost: Grep of noun bot abbot bot bota botanical botanical garden botanical medicine botanist botany botany bay fig botaurus botaurus lentiginosus botaurus stellaris botch botcher botfly bother botheration bothidae bothrops bothrops atrops botox botrychium botrychium lunaria botrychium matricariifolium botrychium multifidum botrychium virginianum botswana botswana monetary unit botticelli bottle bottle-grass bottle-nosed dolphin bottle-no
18:48 lalanl: feelbot 2013
18:48 porpentine: is there a bot that generates emotions
18:48 * jonbro claps
18:48 tullyhansen: Om nom窶ヲ
18:48 dubbin_: botrychium matricariifolium is apparently a "fleshy fern"
18:48 igowen: ckolderup: did you ever get any more deets on that? he's said it's not markov, right?
18:48 paperkettles: oh wow
18:49 @dariusk: botriarchy
18:49 @dariusk: wow paperkettles
18:49 tullyhansen:
18:49 ckolderup: igowen: he's not going to share the actual text analysis/generation piece.
18:49 ranjit_: bot-curious
18:49 porpentine: it would be cool if there were a bot generator
18:49 zachwhalen: Another way into bot-making:
18:50 igowen: ckolderup: I'm mostly just interested academically
18:50 porpentine: so the layporpies could make bots
18:50 porpentine: BOT CUTIOUS
18:50 ibogost: bot-generation is the next great frontier
18:50 zachwhalen: = my duct taped spreadsheet solution
18:50 tullyhansen: Oh wow Zach and Patrick are Gdocs both!
18:50 lalanl: I've hosted bots on AppEngine, and that's free
18:50 lalanl: for <10 bots/apps
18:51 ibogost: I am soon forced to consume popular culture
18:51 jonbro: heroku is also free (if it wasn't for all the tech debt I went into to learn it)
18:51 ibogost: and thus will depart
18:51 samplereality: Just a note on rPi - I am running node on it. So not limited to Python.
18:51 tullyhansen: OMG I wanna do that class #mooc
18:51 @dariusk: goodbye ibogost
18:51 boodoo: bye bogost_ebooks
18:51 paperkettles: laters
18:51 -!- ibogost [181e6761@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit []
18:51 @dariusk: heroku is free for unlimited apps as long as they're single-process
18:51 Ben_10rd: I wonder if his boghost will turn up
18:51 @dariusk: (which most bots are)
18:51 lalanl: neat!
18:52 zachwhalen: The problem with running a bot from a google apps script is they have OAuth bugs
18:52 tullyhansen: More resources from @tinysubversions: and @LightAesthetic:
18:52 Ben_10rd: Someone better be saving all these links to resources...........
18:53 Leonardo_uprm: :-)
18:53 dubbin_: here's adam's class page:
18:53 dubbin_: lots of good python pointers there in syllabus form
18:53 tullyhansen: Are bots too small to warrant writer/programmer collaboration?
18:53 @dariusk: no
18:54 @dariusk: tullyhansen, ^^
18:54 Leonardo_uprm: Bot Community in G+
18:54 samplereality: How I solved the close-your-laptop-the-bot-dies problem: rPi, static ip so I can log in remotely to it, node.js, and forever
18:54 samplereality: @tullyhansen No.
18:54 tullyhansen: As in, are bots so small that they inherently lend themselves to a single author?
18:55 tullyhansen: And to "collaborate" adds too much overhead to be "worthwhile"?
18:55 @dariusk: yeah, no
18:55 jonbro: tullyhansen: just collab'd on a bot this morning (my first one).
18:55 samplereality: I *need* a collaborator on my next bot.
18:55 igowen: I don't think there are many things in this world that can't be improved by collaboration on some level
18:55 lalanl: I think I would have benefited from not working in a vacuum on my bots.
18:56 ckolderup: can we use IRC/a listserv/non-corporate-platform-specific resources?
18:56 tullyhansen: So maybe we need to do a bootstrapped bot-based folk-art Seven on Seven?
18:56 tullyhansen:
18:56 lalanl: well not a total vacuum, but if someone were there to tell me i'm making bad decisions ^^;
18:56 @dariusk: lalanl, I gchat with a lot of botmakers all day
18:56 boodoo: Where is the "making a generative text bot without code" thing? Someone made a GDocs/macros thing recently...
18:56 @dariusk: we bounce ideas off each others
18:56 @dariusk: *other
18:56 ckolderup: we should have a #botally channel.
18:57 zachwhalen: @boodoo: ?
18:57 @dariusk: boodoo, wasn't that zachwhalen's?
18:57 @dariusk: yeah
18:57 boodoo: Thank you, Zach!
18:57 Leonardo_uprm: My Bot resource in I <3 E-Poetry:
18:57 lalanl: @dariusk :)
18:58 zachwhalen: Only 80% ?
18:58 ranjit_: that's a nice point - twitter is more constrained
18:58 lalanl: I 笙・ ePoultry
18:58 Leonardo_uprm: :-)
18:59 jonbro: alright its been real, gotta get some sleep.
18:59 Leonardo_uprm: Check this out, by Nick Montfort:
18:59 -!- Prescott_ [4086e5a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:59 zachwhalen: I mean, the narrow canvas of Twitter also means that it's all just language anyway. Which is convenient.
18:59 Leonardo_uprm: adios!
18:59 -!- jonbro [] has quit [Quit: jonbro]
19:00 Leonardo_uprm: The constraints are good, though. It's freeing, in a way.
19:00 Leonardo_uprm: Ironically enough.
19:00 zachwhalen: Leonardo_uprm: exactly
19:01 igowen: that's true of any art form, really
19:01 Leonardo_uprm: It's like we're learning haiku, couplets, sonnets before we can do free verse well.
19:01 samplereality: Thinking of scale, Chris Crawford's data-intensive vs process-intensive computation is a useful way to approach the question.
19:01 tullyhansen: Here's the (rough) screenshot and text from my taxonomy talk earlier: and
19:02 Ben_10rd: ahaha Darius' heuristic of virality
19:02 Leonardo_uprm: I'd love some links to Tumblr bots:
19:02 igowen: tullyhansen: what's off to the left?
19:02 Leonardo_uprm: a bot
19:02 tullyhansen: igowen SEKRIT
19:02 aparrish: thanks tully
19:02 Leonardo_uprm: talk this way...
19:02 Ben_10rd: i coulnd't hear that question/comment
19:03 Leonardo_uprm: Talk towards the mic, please
19:03 Ben_10rd: EXORIDERS
19:03 dubbin_: SPEAK UP CASEY
19:03 tullyhansen: igowen It's in the Gist, just scaffolding for the article I haven't written yet.
19:03 aparrish: now he's yelling right in my ear, thanks rob
19:03 dubbin_: yw
19:03 Ben_10rd: haha suck it
19:03 igowen: lol
19:04 ckolderup: sorry adam
19:04 aparrish: np
19:04 Leonardo_uprm: @tullyhansen, are you planning to attend the ELO conference?
19:04 -!- nomdenom [] has joined #botsummit
19:04 Ben_10rd: hey so does anyone have access to the twitter firehose API?
19:05 tullyhansen: Doesn't _ranjit have next level, if not the full hose?
19:05 @dariusk: Ben_10rd, some people do
19:05 @dariusk: you have to get access
19:05 @dariusk: emojitracker had special access
19:05 Ben_10rd: yah its like a million dollars
19:05 @dariusk: but it's getting revoked soon I think
19:05 ranjit_: i have the 10% firehose - garden hose maybe?
19:05 Ben_10rd: QUT in Bris has access but I don't know any non-institution that has it
19:06 zachwhalen: Ah I need to take a break that is longer than 5 minutes, but I'll be back
19:06 Ben_10rd: they're doing crazy big data scraping and stuff
19:06 -!- zachwhalen [c041f5e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #botsummit []
19:06 lalanl: I use it just because it's available on most servers.
19:07 dubbin_: whoo textblob
19:08 lalanl: help scary dog
19:08 igowen: dog dubbin
19:08 aparrish: hi irc hope you're enjoying me eat a pizza slice
19:08 ranjit_: only if you share
19:09 aparrish: it's tasty af
19:09 igowen: can you email me some
19:09 Leonardo_uprm: Hey Matt: what does the fox say?
19:09 nomdenom: is that a fox? I thought it was a bird ... or a frog
19:09 lalanl: If I were on camera, you'd see I have a bird on my head.
19:09 Leonardo_uprm: It's a frog: coqui
19:10 paperkettles: omnomnom
19:10 samplereality: How come nobody ever told me that IRC adds like 20 pounds to your weight.
19:10 tullyhansen: Leonardo - In Milwaukee? I'd love to!
19:10 ranjit_: thanks for the pizza
19:10 ckolderup: xdcc for pizza igowen
19:10 igowen: thanks 4 sharing
19:10 @dariusk: coqui! coqui!
19:10 Leonardo_uprm:
19:10 Leonardo_uprm: I'm organizing a bot roundtable
19:11 ranjit_: that is an excellent frog, Leo
19:11 Leonardo_uprm: Your taxonomy would be most welcome
19:11 Leonardo_uprm: They're beloved in PR, hated in Hawaii
19:11 boodoo: We could make one now. Where's Google Docs for realtime collaborative code?
19:12 dubbin_: iron bot-off
19:12 lalanl: they used google docs to watch me code
19:12 paperkettles:
19:13 aparrish: this is @pizzaclones btw, the bot I made whose name I forgot earlier
19:13 the_curator: @pizzaclones: Every object is a physical object if you turn it off, surely
19:13 Ben_10rd: oh man joel has beer??? #nofair #sunday #morning
19:13 aparrish: it is intermittently amusing
19:13 tullyhansen: I KNOW!
19:13 dubbin_: pizzaclones is great
19:13 ckolderup: gg bringing the_curator in here
19:13 boodoo: No one's stopping you, Aussies. Well, the cafe might have a problem with Tully frogging
19:13 igowen: ckolderup: :D
19:13 boodoo: <3 ckolderup nice
19:13 igowen: seemed fitting
19:13 tullyhansen: Cafe? This is my living room.
19:14 boodoo: OH man who was bringing you coffee?
19:14 igowen: if you're referring to a slide we can't see it
19:14 igowen: on the stream
19:14 Ben_10rd: #SoMelbourne ever your living room is a cafe
19:14 ckolderup: (the_curator is igowen's)
19:14 tullyhansen: That was my lovely GF of nine years (today!)窶ヲ
19:14 lalanl: Awww, congratulations!
19:14 Ben_10rd: lol "terms of service for for those of you too lazy to read the terms of service"
19:14 tullyhansen: Thanks!
19:14 igowen: ckolderup: is your ipad getting covered in pizza grease
19:14 boodoo: no slide: just a blog post he wrote:
19:15 dubbin_: haha whoops
19:15 ckolderup: igowen: no
19:15 tullyhansen: #addawordruinamovie
19:15 igowen: boodoo: thx
19:15 lalanl: That etiquette post was a big comfort when I wrote my bots
19:15 dubbin_: i take it as tacit support from twitter for my cause
19:15 ckolderup: separate hands
19:15 boodoo: brb, reporting rob
19:15 Sam_: Is bot etiquette just "how not to get banned"?
19:15 boodoo: so far, yes
19:15 Ben_10rd: haha inorite
19:15 dubbin_: @boodoo honestly that might be appropriate, as a way of shuttering the hashtag forever
19:16 lalanl: #addabotnukeahashtag
19:16 tullyhansen: More "Rules of the Road" than etiquette, maybe?
19:16 boodoo: #addarobruinatwitter
19:16 Sam_: Oh congrats tullyhansen
19:16 samplereality: I had a conference bot tagged for spam when it was markov chaining conference tweets with the conference hashtag
19:16 tullyhansen: Sam_ 窶ヲ Crisp?
19:16 boodoo: Sam_Skate
19:16 lalanl: There's a Beetlejuice bot
19:17 Sam_: Hello
19:17 Ben_10rd: Skate Bee
19:17 boodoo: Skate Kick Bee
19:17 lalanl: "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" summons it
19:17 Ben_10rd: Swiftly Keystrokes Snozin
19:17 tullyhansen: Mark I did the same thing! But so low rate that it was okay.
19:17 tullyhansen: @ewf12_ebooks
19:17 the_curator: @ewf12_ebooks ( EmergingWritersBot ツキ The robot for writers. ツキ Australia ツキ
19:17 boodoo: Oh really, Mark? Wonder if it was heuristic or reported.
19:18 samplereality: People reported it
19:18 tullyhansen: Bitch ass Darius, eh?
19:18 boodoo: Haters.
19:18 Ben_10rd: haha
19:18 ranjit_: pentametron uses a dictionary (CMU Rhyming Dictionary) and rejects any tweet that contains words not in the dictionary
19:18 ranjit_: so if there are words i don't like i delete them from the dictionary
19:18 ranjit_: and then pentametron can't use them any more
19:18 samplereality: I use word filter for remixmyprof. I had many racist, sexist tweets from students about their professors
19:18 paperkettles: : /
19:19 Leonardo_uprm: That dirty words list would make an interesting dataset for a super offensive bot
19:19 mattlaschneider: Yikes
19:19 Sam_: The algorithmic nature of joke-constructing reflected in bots is fascinating. When ppl want to be funny they can be inclined to say inappropriate stuff, so we mentally "check" what we say before saying it.
19:19 tullyhansen: ranjit_ Just for the rhymed words, or the whole tweet contents?
19:19 ranjit_: whole contents
19:19 dubbin_: leonard ran the RealHumanPraise tweets through our network's standards & practices filter, but only got false positives
19:19 ranjit_: it's a whitelist (of 200K words) instead of blacklist
19:19 Sam_: .tullyhansen Isn't that just the best? :P
19:19 Leonardo_uprm: keep it positive.
19:20 Ben_10rd: how do I like a message in IRC, Sam?
19:20 Ben_10rd: Darius do you want me to talk about False Flag bot?
19:20 @dariusk: Ben_10rd, yeah sure
19:20 Sam_: Ben_10rd send an email to IRC
19:21 Ben_10rd: ty Sam_
19:21 boodoo: More... > Email this IRC message
19:21 @dariusk: Leonardo_uprm, I used the dirty words for this:
19:21 tullyhansen: But following that to the letter you lose Stealth_Mountain, etc.?
19:21 igowen: has anyone had a direct interaction with twitter about their bot? like as a result of it getting banned?
19:21 igowen: what's their stance on jokey bots
19:21 igowen: as a company
19:22 @dariusk: igowen, I have and I just say "it's not breaking your ToS, please unban it"
19:22 @dariusk: and they do
19:22 Leonardo_uprm: @dariusk Nice!
19:22 Ben_10rd: I sent an email after FalseFlagBot got banned (and I got it unbanned...)
19:22 dubbin_: i haven't had anything banned yet #knockWood
19:22 Sam_: In terms of joke bots I would propose a rule of etiquette: don't plagiarize another tweet without attributing or at least recontextualising it somehow
19:22 mattlaschneider: What are the banning protocols? Do they email you? I've never encountered it yet
19:23 @dariusk: mattlaschneider, when you log in you see a message
19:23 ranjit_: @the_sounds_of got banned for replying to too many people, so i changed to link to tweets instead of replying and got it unbanned
19:23 Ben_10rd: good rule Sam_
19:23 @dariusk: Sam_ I agree, I agree on the attribution thing generally
19:23 @dariusk: I try to attribute
19:23 @dariusk: @profjocular does that
19:23 @dariusk: with .replies
19:23 tullyhansen: Getting some mad windy drumming sound this end窶ヲ
19:23 Ben_10rd: it's Darius typing lol
19:23 tullyhansen: Maybe Darius's epic typing.
19:23 igowen: hahaha
19:23 @dariusk: doh
19:23 lalanl: I haven't written one in a while. Does anyone have a recommendation for a python twitter library, or do you do something else?
19:24 dubbin_: @lalanl tweepy
19:24 mattlaschneider: I use tweepy
19:24 lalanl: Thanks ^^
19:24 mattlaschneider: although quite frankly I'm thinking of building my own tools, since my iPad's Python interpreter can't download libraries, and that's where I"m doing all my prototyping now.
19:24 dubbin_: what's that app again matt?
19:25 tullyhansen: Pythonista/Editorially I think, Rob.
19:25 mattlaschneider: I'm using Pythonista for my programming
19:25 mattlaschneider: but I also use Editorial for markup/python
19:25 igowen: I know nobody asked but I use anaconda in Go
19:25 lalanl: That's relevant to my question too, igowen. Thanks.
19:26 Ben_10rd: Faves disappear tho
19:26 Ben_10rd: =(
19:26 tullyhansen: ??
19:26 Ben_10rd: I've lost tens of thousands
19:26 boodoo: Do they?!
19:26 -!- ranjit__ [18671496@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
19:26 Ben_10rd: Yeah
19:26 mattlaschneider: Faves disappear? Oops...
19:26 tullyhansen: Wait, what?
19:26 -!- rustyk5 [] has left #botsummit []
19:26 mattlaschneider: I was kind of using that as a bookmarking system
19:26 Ben_10rd: yeah there's a site that outputs your faves as a PDF
19:26 mattlaschneider: welp, lesson learned
19:27 Ben_10rd: I fave things p regularly tho
19:27 Ben_10rd: I think it maaaybe saves a couple thousand?
19:27 mattlaschneider: ha ha, okay, I'm probably safe
19:27 igowen: is that the value proposition of stellar, then?
19:27 -!- ranjit_ [18671496@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
19:27 ckolderup: and apps like tweet,i
19:27 Ben_10rd: ahha Leonardo disappears in a explosion of birds
19:27 ckolderup: library. ugh
19:27 lalanl: if you add _nomap to the end of your twitter handle....
19:27 Ben_10rd: haha Leo your mic is on
19:27 mattlaschneider: Oh man, if we're talking about IP, can we discuss how terrible MLA's twitter citation style is?
19:28 dubbin_: i wanna go outside and look for response frogs
19:28 Leonardo_uprm: Sorry about that, folks
19:28 Ben_10rd: hahah the MLA citation style SUUUUUCKSSSs
19:28 ranjit__: @the_sounds_of attributes via permalinks to tweets
19:28 Leonardo_uprm: The program crashed and when I logged in, the mic was on
19:29 aparrish: ranjit, that's what pizzaclones does too, I think it's a good way to do it
19:29 aparrish: also gifandcircumstance
19:29 ckolderup: thar
19:29 ckolderup: rrgg
19:29 Leonardo_uprm: @HaikuD2 attributes its found haikus back to the original tweeters.
19:30 mattlaschneider: My bots have, like, 25 followers, so I'm probably always going to be safe
19:30 dubbin_: 25 seems like the median case
19:30 Ben_10rd: FalseFlag bots kinda does kinda engage with a difficult audience
19:30 ranjit__: looks like haikud2 uses @replies to attribute, which is what has got some of us banned
19:30 ranjit__: maybe the volume is low enough?
19:30 Leonardo_uprm: Half of those are in this IRC
19:30 samplereality: None of mine that appropriate existing tweets (becausebot, remixmyprof) link back to original sources
19:31 samplereality: But I figure, they're subtweets anyway.
19:31 ranjit__: what does subtweet mean?
19:31 dubbin_: hey doc sample where are you pulling the queries for prism_bot
19:31 dubbin_: those are lovely
19:31 boodoo: A tweet at/about someone without mentioning them
19:31 Leonardo_uprm: Ranjit's solution for Pentametron is an neat workaround for attribution.
19:31 paperkettles: +1 on prism_bot
19:31 Ben_10rd: hahah Non_offensiveBot: "no tweets"
19:31 boodoo: e.g. I tweet "Can't wait for Dr. Who today!"
19:31 ranjit__: thanks boodoo!
19:32 boodoo: 2 min later you tweet "Don't understand what some people love campy sci-fi bullshit:
19:32 tullyhansen: That's from the NSA API, right?
19:32 dubbin_: ha
19:32 Leonardo_uprm: I can't wait for the Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios fight tonight
19:32 aparrish: @platonicsolidsbot
19:32 paperkettles: @tully I can't afford their price anymore
19:32 paperkettles: best backup service still though
19:32 samplereality: Prismbot generates most of its queries. Except the "I am feeling" -- those come from the api
19:33 @dariusk: btw I've been logging these chats for the last 30m
19:33 boodoo: RIP flaseflagbot, victim of the API wars
19:33 nomdenom: Pacman v. Rios!
19:33 dubbin_: oh nice
19:33 tullyhansen: I think I've got them logged from the start, but I don't entirely trust Colloquy/my expertise窶ヲ
19:33 @dariusk: tullyhansen, I may ask you for your log too
19:33 @dariusk: at the end
19:34 boodoo: Bot idea: "[x]ers"
19:34 tullyhansen: Sure thing!
19:34 samplereality: wff is my secret sauce. Want to do some other things with the API, which is ugly XML instead of json
19:34 nomdenom: when is the fight, Leo?
19:34 mattlaschneider: @samplereality Some of my students have brought up WFF in class. It was interesting to see it brought up outside of STS
19:35 lalanl: sorry what are these acronyms?
19:35 tullyhansen: @CDNPoli?
19:35 boodoo: Account suspended
19:35 samplereality: It's painful to see wff slowly dying. It only runs properly in IE now!
19:35 mattlaschneider: WFF = WeFeelFine, STS = Society for Textual Scholarship
19:35 lalanl: Thank you
19:35 tullyhansen: Thanks.
19:36 boodoo: Kojimafication of Twitter
19:37 samplereality: Sorry about the acronyms! Definitely ask about others, if they're unclear
19:38 lalanl: Okay :)
19:38 mattlaschneider: the hashtag #cdnpoli is Canadian Politics. Was that the guy?
19:38 -!- Patrick [4b9642f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
19:38 mattlaschneider: Like, was he a canadian political junkie?
19:38 @dariusk: apparently yes
19:38 @dariusk: but a conspiracy-focused one
19:38 mattlaschneider: huh
19:38 -!- Patrick is now known as Guest54237
19:38 @dariusk: hi Guest54237
19:39 tullyhansen: Scotty is the network authority of #botALLIES窶ヲ
19:39 tullyhansen: Or wants to be窶ヲ
19:39 mattlaschneider: haha, apparently @cdnpoli is completely banned
19:39 tullyhansen: That sounds not like a bot ethics question, but an ethics question, period. (Er, full stop.)
19:40 -!- fuschia [] has joined #botsummit
19:40 paperkettles: wowow
19:40 igowen: hah
19:41 paperkettles: maybe he was a bot! ?
19:41 paperkettles: wow
19:41 lalanl: I'll know I've made it when conspiracy theorists don't understand my bots are bots.
19:41 paperkettles: truth
19:41 @dariusk: or they understand they're bots, but still think they're reveal occult truths
19:41 tullyhansen: Change handle to @FalseFlagBotLOL
19:41 boodoo: Make the icon a clown
19:41 mattlaschneider: I'm just hoping someone will cite @massagemcluhan in their media studies diss as McLuhan himself.
19:41 ckolderup: rob have you had earnest people engaging with edtaters?
19:41 boodoo: Or that!
19:42 lalanl: ooooohaha yesss
19:42 dubbin_: @casey that was what inspired me to make it argue back
19:42 ckolderup: you should talk about that
19:42 dubbin_: someone replied to it in earnest
19:42 boodoo: Ben wants authorship back. Sorry man, that ship sailed.
19:42 ckolderup: for the record
19:42 Ben_10rd: hahaha
19:42 Ben_10rd: idk about authorship maybe.... AuthorBot?
19:43 paperkettles: I was dabbling in illuminati twitter jokes for a minute:
19:43 igowen:
19:43 the_curator: @paperkettle: .@kernelslacker @jpbartee UB1202 WAS AN INSIDE JOB
19:43 the_curator: @paperkettle: .@kernelslacker @jpbartee UB1202 WAS AN INSIDE JOB
19:43 the_curator: @paperkettle: OFFICIAL ILLUMINATI CIRCUITBENDING
19:43 lalanl: what's taters precious?
19:43 Ben_10rd: omg i love this illuminati circuitbending!!!!
19:43 aparrish: I can vividly imagine leonardr's expression when rob showed him his rss parsing code
19:44 mattlaschneider: oh wow, I'm pretty sure I've met edtaters
19:44 @dariusk: btw this is what you see when a twitter account is suspended:
19:44 paperkettles: thanks yeah it was funstuff
19:44 paperkettles: lots of potential there
19:44 paperkettles: an illuminati bot that just circles things
19:44 Ben_10rd: #tcot is a great hashtag
19:44 tullyhansen: SyncromysticismBot
19:44 igowen: I love this gif
19:45 tullyhansen:
19:45 Ben_10rd: ah okay CDNPoli is now @Political_Porn
19:45 Ben_10rd:
19:46 Ben_10rd: like this was a super weird conversation that included the bot
19:46 the_curator: @ArizonaLuke: @Political_Porn special dispensation just for fucktard truthers. Not many ppl know about it. @FalseFlagBot_
19:46 mattlaschneider: I was really hoping he wouldn't be part of the Canadian left. Ah well.
19:47 Ben_10rd: yeah he posts tons of weird Bush/911 images
19:47 aparrish: relevant linguistics ideas: cohesion
19:47 dubbin_: fyi
19:48 igowen: @edtaters
19:48 the_curator: @edtaters ( Ed Taters ツキ who are us to defy all who claim to know what republicans truly want and need? #tcot ツキ ツキ
19:48 igowen: <3 the bio
19:48 boodoo: well curated, the_curator
19:48 ckolderup: @colbertstephens is leonardr's CORN
19:48 dubbin_: @igowen it generated that
19:49 igowen: dubbin_: I figured
19:49 ckolderup: ack autocorrect
19:49 igowen: but it's still awesome
19:49 boodoo: CORN
19:49 aparrish: I clicked on #tcot in my irc client and now I'm in a channel with only one member
19:49 dubbin_: ha
19:49 Ben_10rd: lol
19:49 ckolderup: leonardr's bot that argues with edtaters for the record
19:49 -!- boodoo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:49 igowen: hahaa
19:49 ckolderup: it can be his corn tho too
19:49 -!- porpentine [328fa2c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:50 -!- boodoo [] has joined #botsummit
19:52 mattlaschneider: @dariusk you're muted
19:52 -!- zachwhalen [62a341db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
19:52 Ben_10rd: uh oh i lost sound
19:52 dubbin_: haha ok sound's back
19:52 Ben_10rd: ah lol
19:52 @dariusk: that was me
19:53 zachwhalen: am back
19:53 igowen: sound is gone
19:53 tullyhansen: Not a problem for the Unicode bots?
19:53 mattlaschneider: For the record, there's unicode of a naked dud
19:53 mattlaschneider: dude*
19:54 Ben_10rd: lol niiice
19:54 boodoo: @sexyunicode just tweets taht over and over
19:54 mattlaschneider: It's part of hieroglyphs.
19:54 aparrish: hahaha
19:54 zachwhalen: So what did I miss in the last hour?
19:54 ckolderup: hahahaha
19:54 Ben_10rd: nothing important
19:54 mattlaschneider: gonna try and find the unicode....
19:54 dubbin_: FALSE FLAG
19:54 Leonardo_uprm: WHOA
19:55 igowen: mattlaschneider: please do, it might replace the snowman as my favorite unicode character
19:55 zachwhalen: Ben_10rd: thanks
19:55 ranjit__: there is a unicode chicken! but not supported on my computer :(
19:56 dubbin_: just tried to get ed taters to reply to me but its every-two-minute reply was ganked by leonard's bot
19:56 igowen: 朝
19:56 tullyhansen: This might be a time to bring up Twitterbot as conceptual literature?
19:57 lalanl: That's got the problem of whether intent matters when discussing people being offended
19:57 zachwhalen: Ben_10rd: its the Pierre menard question, right?
19:57 @dariusk: menardbot
19:57 mattlaschneider: It's on page 57 of this (excellent) book:
19:57 Ben_10rd: I've not heard of that question before!
19:58 @dariusk: pierre menard, autor de quijote
19:58 Ben_10rd: yah im wikipediaing it right now lol
19:58 @dariusk: let me wikipedia that for you
19:58 aparrish: botsummit: "only incidentally jokes"
19:58 @dariusk: +1
19:59 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:59 ckolderup: @trendsagainsthumanity
19:59 zachwhalen: Like what does it mean for @everyword to say 'subtweet' as opposed to @zizek_ebooks saying 'subtweet'
19:59 mattlaschneider: If you suss out the unicode for that dude, please do post it here
19:59 ckolderup: btw
19:59 aparrish: hahaha
19:59 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
19:59 mattlaschneider: +1, @zachwhalen
20:00 zachwhalen: I made a sort of Menard bot a little while ago
20:01 dubbin_:
20:01 the_curator: @EdTaters: @robdubbin what remains is a hollow simulacrum in the free market. #tcot
20:01 dubbin_: there we go.
20:01 mattlaschneider: Amazing
20:01 Ben_10rd: what's the menard bot?
20:02 zachwhalen: Ben_10rd:
20:02 igowen: mattlaschneider: ∑
20:02 igowen: found it in the pdf
20:02 zachwhalen: Dunno how well it works. (Hit the start button)
20:02 mattlaschneider: @igowan sadly that's not showing up in this chat window
20:03 igowen: hold on I'll find the code point
20:03 mattlaschneider: Danke
20:03 igowen: or w/e it's called
20:03 @dariusk: whoa nice zachwhalen
20:03 Leonardo_uprm: *Raising my hand*
20:03 @dariusk: ok Leonard
20:04 @dariusk: er
20:04 zachwhalen: dariusk: thanks.
20:04 @dariusk: err Leonardo_uprm
20:04 Leonardo_uprm: :-)
20:04 dubbin_: i know a good slurs API
20:04 tullyhansen: On the context/reception, c.f.
20:05 Ben_10rd: oh nooo
20:05 tullyhansen: Though Oswalt not a bot, AFAIK.
20:05 aparrish: can't hear you leonardo
20:05 aparrish: now I can hear you
20:05 Ben_10rd: lol
20:05 aparrish: whoops now you're gone
20:05 dubbin_: THE BIRDS GOT HIM
20:05 Ben_10rd: and Leo is off (this time, with no florish of birds)
20:06 lalanl: plug your earbuds into the mic slot and yell into them
20:06 boodoo: +1 for headphone mic
20:06 lalanl: ;)
20:06 tullyhansen: Is a single Twitter account a public space?
20:06 igowen: mattlaschneider: apparently it's this
20:07 @dariusk: tullyhansen, if it's a public acct I think so
20:07 mattlaschneider: @igowan Awesome, thanks! I think that the PDF managed to find an ideal typeface for it, really
20:07 -!- Guest54237 [4b9642f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
20:07 boodoo: The inifnite depth of twitter bots.
20:08 lalanl: bots all the way down
20:08 Ben_10rd: Speaking from exp with academic research contexts, a lot of researchers are totally cool with scraping and treating public account tweets as public
20:08 tullyhansen: See also: getting bored by Kenneth Goldsmith窶ヲ
20:08 samplereality: If my tweets weren't boring people, I'd be upset
20:08 Ben_10rd: vs, say Faebook, which doesn't have the same 'public timeline' thing.
20:08 aparrish: I am often bored by kenneth goldsmith tbh
20:08 tullyhansen: Conceptual lit: you *get* the idea often without having to engage with the output entire.
20:08 aparrish: wait kenneth goldsmith isn't in here is he
20:08 tullyhansen: Not that I know.
20:08 tullyhansen: :)
20:08 aparrish: oh ok
20:08 aparrish: fuck that guy
20:08 tullyhansen: Yowch!
20:09 aparrish: j/k except I was also going to talk about his work a bit later
20:09 aparrish: very relevant to what we're doing
20:09 tullyhansen: Cool, I'd like to get to that too!
20:10 lalanl: People are very easy to get at on twitter.
20:10 igowen: +1 leonard
20:10 boodoo: yeah, nailed it
20:10 Ben_10rd: yah good point
20:10 Ben_10rd: gotta go where people go
20:10 tullyhansen: c.f. ScriptGenerator by Phillipe Vasset:
20:11 boodoo: : the new RT
20:11 igowen: not only is long text boring but it's hard to make it seem real
20:11 igowen: you can make a short snippet that seems like it was written by a human
20:11 dubbin_: yeah twitter's boundaries are so explicit
20:11 dubbin_: FOR NOW
20:11 tullyhansen: Also, obvs, no enforcement of real identity (yet??).
20:12 zachwhalen: Is anyone making interesting reddit bots?
20:12 lalanl: Searches allow you a wealth of whatever kind of material you want.
20:12 igowen: there are a ton of reddit bots zachwhalen
20:12 dubbin_: yeah they're called libertarians (jetpacks away)
20:12 zachwhalen: "interesting" though?
20:12 igowen: dubbin_: sick burn
20:12 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:12 nostrich: bitcoin tip bot?
20:12 igowen: ^ that
20:12 nostrich: in r/bitcoin
20:12 igowen: also like youtube preview bots
20:12 nomdenom: I like haikubot on reddit
20:12 zachwhalen: I mean, I know all the like auto caption ones and so on
20:13 igowen: yeah haikubot too
20:13 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
20:13 boodoo: Adam taking the counterpoint to Leo's Zen master
20:13 Leonardo_uprm: Yeah
20:13 Sam_: periodical bot tweets as timeline punctuation h/t Ben_10rd
20:13 Ben_10rd: yeah
20:13 Ben_10rd: Scott Madin's AD&D state generation bot is cool
20:13 Ben_10rd: b/c its icon is bright blue
20:14 Ben_10rd: *stat generation
20:14 mattlaschneider: BTW, does anyone know who @_yourdm is?
20:14 Ben_10rd: @2edstatbot only tweets once every 10mins now tho
20:14 Ben_10rd: used to generate a char ever 2 mins
20:14 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:15 lalanl: ivory twower
20:15 igowen: way less so now ckolderup
20:15 igowen: stupid api 1.1
20:15 Sam_: Such an elite twitter exists. I am an esteemed member. And your not
20:15 boodoo: I wish I knew who @_yourdm is. They posted pictures of them holding business cards!
20:16 boodoo: That isn't what Tumblr is, Sam_
20:16 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
20:16 Ben_10rd: Sam_ do you know who @IsHalo2OnSteam is????
20:16 Ben_10rd: =p
20:16 tullyhansen: Bots of Utility.
20:16 Sam_: part of the Halo2 twitter franchise
20:16 boodoo: Servile Bots
20:16 Ben_10rd: Halo2_ebooks is a great new service coming soon
20:17 tullyhansen: #OSNAP #MONTFORTSNAP
20:17 Sam_: boodoo tumblr h8r
20:17 zachwhalen: Has anyone made a real Eliza bot? I feel like I saw that once
20:17 Leonardo_uprm: That's a neat idea, Nick just offered. Take MUD, MOO, WOW bots and implement them on Twitter.
20:17 Ben_10rd: I made a chat bot in high school, but it was not an Eliza it wasn't that good
20:17 Leonardo_uprm: LOL
20:17 tullyhansen: I feel like I've seen it done in places窶ヲ?
20:17 zachwhalen: Or what was that other bot from the 60s that was Eliza's patient?
20:18 tullyhansen: PARRY
20:18 boodoo: @_yourdm has two commands that work.
20:18 Leonardo_uprm: Would you sell a bot?
20:18 zachwhalen: tullyhansen: yes!
20:18 tullyhansen: 窶ヲ which ties into @FalseFlagBot窶ヲ
20:18 tullyhansen: OMG it
20:18 aparrish: I can talk about working on a promotional twitter bot at some point
20:18 tullyhansen: is all coming together
20:18 mattlaschneider: @boodoo Yeah, I've toyed with those commands, but really need to work with it more.
20:18 igowen: aparrish: ooh please do
20:18 Leonardo_uprm: Yes
20:18 tullyhansen:
20:19 boodoo: yeah, I'd like to hear about that
20:19 mattlaschneider: @aparrish I'd love to hear that
20:19 boodoo: (@ aparrish )
20:20 dubbin_: "new dude in my feed"
20:21 Leonardo_uprm: Whoa. Like the TempSpence Project:
20:21 Sam_: becoming-human
20:21 igowen: that sounds similar to the horse_ebooks reveal
20:21 igowen: in terms of the feeling of betrayal
20:21 Leonardo_uprm: Celebrity account lent for a netprov
20:21 Ben_10rd: yeah it was a very palpable sense of being decieved
20:22 Ben_10rd: most people just unfollowed, and he got tons of hate (i mean he must have seen it coming)
20:22 lalanl: please buy our cat poo sausage maker
20:22 boodoo: +n
20:22 igowen: lmao
20:22 @dariusk: lalanl, you're killin me
20:22 tullyhansen: Found this via the @10rdBen corpus:
20:22 lalanl: again? Dammit.
20:23 Ben_10rd: Yeaaaaah! that's the one
20:23 Ben_10rd: oh man he's STILL got 24k twitter folllowers!! @JoshHelfferich
20:23 boodoo: aparrish only person here who's been compensated for a bot?
20:23 igowen: dariusk: it would be way cool if there were a way to overlay the irc on the livestream
20:24 boodoo: Until Ben buys me a beer for the lackluster @W8ed4Game
20:24 mattlaschneider: yeah, definitely never been paid for a bot
20:24 Sam_: Weird, how do twitter followers work
20:24 igowen: or maybe the trolling opportunities would be too great
20:24 mattlaschneider: @igowen Agreed
20:24 @dariusk: igowen, yeah I thought about that
20:24 tullyhansen: *Art*
20:24 dubbin_: @boodoo leonard got paid for his work on RHP
20:24 @dariusk: maybe next time
20:24 tullyhansen: "Art"
20:24 lalanl: a twitter bot with a patreon
20:24 tullyhansen: Are we talking about this now?
20:24 tullyhansen: PLEASE!
20:25 igowen: if for nothing else than to see how far behind the livestream is lol
20:25 mattlaschneider: Let's kickstart these bots
20:25 boodoo: #NoHorses
20:25 Ben_10rd: oh man I do owe you a beer, Joel!
20:25 dubbin_: humble bot bundle
20:25 igowen: hahahaha
20:25 dubbin_: is something i have jokingly proposed before
20:25 tullyhansen: He's drinking it now.
20:25 lalanl: humblebrag bot
20:25 dubbin_: all the bots are private and when you subscribe, you get whitelisted
20:25 mattlaschneider: Man, we need ibogost here to talk about his OOO poster generator he mentions in Alien Phenomonology
20:25 mattlaschneider: oops, typos
20:25 tullyhansen: Humble Bot Bundle is a great (terrible) idea!
20:26 dubbin_: my specialty tully
20:26 mattlaschneider: @dubbin_ I love the sounds of that bundle
20:26 tullyhansen:
20:26 Leonardo_uprm: Curated Bots
20:26 igowen: FutureBot/BundleSounds
20:26 tullyhansen: Yaaay Joel!
20:26 mattlaschneider: Danke, @tullyhansen
20:27 tullyhansen: Thanks? That was re: Bogost, not Bundle.
20:27 tullyhansen: Buffer.
20:27 mattlaschneider: I think it might be worth discussing the idea of getting paid. I know that there's been a lot of talk on the twitters about indie devs like Anthropy charging for their work
20:28 lalanl: You could curate twitter by making a locked account that your bot retweeets after some period
20:28 lalanl: only rting the favd ones or something
20:28 igowen: lalanl: that doesn't sound transparent enough
20:28 boodoo: Not a bad workaround, imo
20:28 igowen: also can you rt protected accounts?
20:28 Sam_: @sexyunicode is the only bot safe enough for Brands
20:28 lalanl: well, not actually RT, but just repeat
20:28 igowen: ah duh
20:29 mattlaschneider: it might be interesting to have an "event" for a paid bot, that runs from X date to X date
20:29 mattlaschneider: @igowan You can't do "real" RTs, but you can do quoted tweets
20:29 tullyhansen: Wow Ben and I on the same eating schedule窶ヲ
20:29 mattlaschneider: Twitter will chide you, however
20:29 Ben_10rd: lol im chwein gum bro ;)
20:29 tullyhansen: Twitter bot as mutual antagonist窶ヲ
20:30 Sam_: important query: what is tullyhansen eating
20:30 tullyhansen: Corn Thins
20:30 zachwhalen: darius just mentioned _txt accounts. Did we talk about those yet?
20:31 @dariusk: we did not
20:31 igowen: @bitcoin_txt
20:31 the_curator: @bitcoin_txt ( bitcoin.txt ツキ everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the bitcoin 14AVTPM9TimHfPH36n2uD6LvFQewVsWCDp ツキ China ツキ
20:31 lalanl: I don't know what that is
20:31 lalanl: hahaha
20:31 tullyhansen: Sorry, who made the point on ventriloquism?
20:31 igowen: _txt accounts are quotes of stupid people in particular subcultures
20:31 leonardr: tullyhansen: that was me
20:31 tullyhansen: Ah, cool, thanks! Hi!
20:32 igowen: or just quotes of people in distasteful subcultures
20:32 leonardr: hi!
20:32 igowen: like pua_txt
20:32 lalanl: yahooanswers_txt
20:32 @dariusk: tullyhansen, leonardr dd
20:32 lalanl: I see
20:32 lalanl: I didn't know the extensions were generally indicative of anything.
20:32 zachwhalen: Maybe not bots, but similar issues of audience, context, constraint
20:32 igowen: I think they're rarely bots though, just curated accounts
20:32 Sam_: ICYMI
20:33 aparrish: we're talking about tweeting at conferences at a conference about twitter bots
20:33 Sam_: ICYMI @ckunzelman is pretending to be at #botSUMMIT
20:33 tullyhansen: Ironically, in just about every medium but on Twitter.
20:33 boodoo: <333 Cam
20:34 samplereality: It was on SCREEN ESSENTIALISM
20:34 igowen: lalanl: yeah I'm not sure where _txt started
20:35 igowen: I assume _ebooks started with horse_ebooks but I'm sure there were others
20:35 Ben_10rd: MRA_txt was a pretty early example I think?
20:35 mattlaschneider: @samplereality Yeah, I remember then screen essentialism, but totally forget where the conversation went after that
20:35 boodoo: Darius needs a Borgesian joke Aleph bot so no one in Bocoup can be jocular anymore
20:35 Ben_10rd: the _ebooks prefix appeared with a big swarm of them that the same cerator as the horse_ebooks creator made. There were a big variety of them, bodybuilding_ebooks, etc.
20:36 Leonardo_uprm: Now that @samplereality is here, we need to address the weird bot war going on... this is a summit, after all.
20:37 Ben_10rd: interesting that we're talking about meaning again... w/r/t a SPECIFIC bot... but we just talked about like... authoship as a problem.
20:37 lalanl: So dariusk, do you have a doge bot on the way then?
20:37 ranjit__: nonsense!
20:37 boodoo: wait what war
20:37 zachwhalen: such joke
20:37 mattlaschneider: wow
20:37 tullyhansen: On geotemporal displacement: Tom Armitage in the Past & Ghostme:
20:37 boodoo: lana: I will beat Darius to that punch. Now I must.
20:37 Sam_: Glad that someone is defending repeating the same joke over and over as hilarious
20:37 igowen: dubbin_: something I've noticed about that is that I find the really stupid generated jokes can be funny *because* they were made by a machine
20:37 igowen: maybe that's just me.
20:38 Ben_10rd: hehehe Classoc Comedey
20:38 dubbin_: yeah
20:38 dubbin_: because it's *trying*
20:38 tullyhansen: @TomorrowsTwoHeadlines
20:38 Ben_10rd: Japes and Scrapes
20:38 Leonardo_uprm: It's like a space race, between Mark and Darius, but with bots
20:38 tullyhansen: #japes #scrapes
20:38 igowen: dubbin_: yeah, and almost because you can kind of trace the logic in some cases?
20:38 nomdenom:
20:38 boodoo: Pictures of kidnappers holding up today's newspaper with @TwoHeadlines headlines.
20:38 boodoo: Love lede.
20:38 nomdenom: speaking of headlines (or ledes)
20:38 samplereality: if two headlines were 80s headline,they'd be funny.six months ago, not so much
20:38 @dariusk: lalanl, nooooooooooooooooooo
20:38 @dariusk: samplereality, yeah probably
20:38 boodoo: Agreed, Mark. I trust Darius would keep the cycle going for a few decades.
20:39 aparrish: nomdenom: love it
20:39 igowen: nomdenom: YES this is exactly what I'm talking about
20:39 tullyhansen: Isn't this kind of what @TweetsOfOld does?
20:39 tullyhansen: Also @tejucole's (sp.?) Small Fates?
20:39 igowen: most of them are so stupid but the generative aspect of it makes it funny
20:39 tullyhansen: S/O
20:39 Ben_10rd: s/o to websites
20:39 aparrish: rob just said the name of the movie in the movie
20:39 Sam_: Slutty Titanic
20:40 ckolderup: lolol
20:40 Ben_10rd: lvml
20:40 igowen: lol
20:40 tullyhansen: Call of Butts
20:40 tullyhansen: Butts of Duty
20:41 aparrish: @everythingbutts coming soon
20:41 igowen: @everybutt
20:41 mattlaschneider: Super Smash Butts
20:41 the_curator: @everybutt ( ツキ At EverythingButt, every type of butt sex and butt fucking comes to you in high definition video, online streaming or high-definition video downloads. ツキ San Francisco ツキ
20:41 igowen: oh lol
20:41 igowen: apparently that exists
20:41 igowen: thx the_curator
20:41 aparrish: omg
20:41 Leonardo_uprm: There's a butt race on...
20:41 Ben_10rd: should we take another break in a sec?
20:42 ckolderup: #OtherThingsThatCanOnlyBe4HoursLong
20:42 Ben_10rd: i'm happy to wrap early
20:42 Sam_: Turn each everyword tweet into a bot which adds that word to every movie title
20:42 Leonardo_uprm: Me too
20:42 tullyhansen: Either way.
20:42 mattlaschneider: Conference plus afterparty?
20:42 boodoo: We'll take some webcams into Drink
20:42 nomdenom: Calling it "Google Boobs Hangout" could be particularly amusing
20:42 Leonardo_uprm: Next summitt, we can just interact via bots.
20:43 Ben_10rd: Write a bot for the next botSummit
20:43 -!- rustyk5 [] has joined #botsummit
20:43 aparrish: leonardo_uprm uh that's what we did this time, did nobody tell you
20:43 -!- Lightaesthetic [4b9642f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
20:43 rustyk5: butts
20:43 dubbin_: darius i have something for this
20:43 -!- runchal [acfa0407@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
20:43 Leonardo_uprm: dang!
20:43 igowen: lol rusty
20:43 tullyhansen: #neverforget #blackAPIday
20:43 -!- spavis [18944a7e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #botsummit
20:44 Leonardo_uprm: It's like being the only one not wearing a costume at a party!
20:44 rustyk5: everybody's going to right?
20:44 Ben_10rd: hahah
20:44 boodoo: is the new
20:44 zachwhalen:
20:44 Ben_10rd: oops i lost vid again im gonna refresh
20:45 mattlaschneider: I wonder how many of our bots depend on Wordnik?
20:45 dubbin_: none of mine actually
20:45 ranjit__: none of mine
20:45 dubbin_: just learning that now
20:45 ranjit__: let's all go to sleep
20:45 Leonardo_uprm: digital preservation issues
20:45 lalanl:
20:45 mattlaschneider: I just moved @MassageMcLuhan over to wordnik (and now my cats have taken him down)
20:45 aparrish: documentation of projects like these is super important
20:45 @dariusk: mattlaschneider, I would probably talk to wordnik and try really hard to come up with a dropin replacement if they ever went down
20:45 boodoo: #buttSUMMIT
20:45 @dariusk: but that's because I like them, and they're fans of my bots
20:45 aparrish: documentation not just of the output but also ethnographies of how they're used and perceived
20:45 mattlaschneider: And my new alliteration bot is Wordnik, and likely wouldn't be able to function without it (requires the parts of speech)
20:45 Sam_: lol
20:46 ranjit__: twitter contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me to justify my use of the garden hose api
20:46 ranjit__: they're getting stricter
20:46 Ben_10rd: oh wow
20:46 boodoo: thanks, IPO
20:46 rustyk5: Erin McKean from wordnik is pretty great
20:46 aparrish: ranjit__ :(((
20:46 tullyhansen: Whoa, that's not cool ranjit__
20:46 mattlaschneider: "Because art"?
20:46 boodoo: (bama)
20:46 ckolderup: "if you program and want any longevity to your work, make a game. all else recycles, but people rewrite architectures to keep games alive.
20:46 Ben_10rd: did you say "i am adding value to your damn service ya dummies"???
20:46 ckolderup: "
20:46 rustyk5: I mean if you ever need to talk to them about whatever
20:46 igowen: we need
20:46 ranjit__: i dropped some names of people inside twitter :)
20:46 ranjit__: they said ok you can keep going
20:46 ckolderup: -why the lucky stiff
20:46 Ben_10rd: hhahaha Joem
20:47 ranjit__: but i have to clean up pentametroncom to meet display requirements
20:47 Ben_10rd: IPObama
20:47 @dariusk: ckolderup, disagree with that
20:47 ranjit__: .com that is
20:47 @dariusk: so many games disappear
20:47 ckolderup: well yeah its an oversimplification
20:47 dubbin_: there will be nothing after that leonard
20:47 samplereality: It'd be great to have a list/contact info of everyone on site, in handouts, and on irc.
20:47 dubbin_: NOTHING
20:47 Leonardo_uprm: Portability
20:47 ckolderup: but look at the effort that goes into dosbox, console emu, mame, etc
20:47 igowen: abstraction layers
20:48 zachwhalen: ranjit__: Did they want you to add twitter branding ?
20:48 ckolderup: can we make #botally an ongoing channel? i need emotional support for my broken bot
20:48 mattlaschneider: +1 @samplereality
20:48 tullyhansen: +1
20:48 aparrish: ckolderup haha
20:48 rustyk5: also write about things.
20:48 @dariusk: samplereality, sure thing, I have that via eventbrite
20:48 rustyk5: to preserve them
20:48 @dariusk: can hand that out to everyone
20:48 mattlaschneider: +1 for persistent channels or something
20:48 Leonardo_uprm: Yeah.
20:48 Ben_10rd: #botALLY is our principle of solidarity
20:48 ckolderup: reading about the isnt the same as experiencing them, rusty
20:48 mattlaschneider: Or we could expand @Leonardo_uprm's google+ community
20:49 Ben_10rd: h/t to @benladen and #nodads
20:49 -!- aparrish [] has left #botsummit []
20:49 lalanl: Is that all participants, dariusk? Or only the presenters?
20:49 Leonardo_uprm: Absolutely!
20:49 ckolderup: i won't be on g+. sorry
20:49 rustyk5: ckolderup: no, it's definitely not, but lots of thngs end and go away, at least the stuff you learn from it can be preserved
20:49 ckolderup: not interested
20:49 Leonardo_uprm: Here's the link to the community:
20:49 -!- aparrish [] has joined #botsummit
20:49 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:50 ckolderup: (it's ok if that means i'm excluded tho)
20:50 Leonardo_uprm: What dictionary is @everyword based on?
20:50 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
20:50 @dariusk: lalanl, anyone who signed up via eventbrite which I think most people here did
20:50 aparrish: leonardo_uprm: I forgot :\
20:50 @dariusk: but hey, if you DIDN'T, just email and let me know you wanna be listed
20:50 lalanl: Oh that's cool!
20:50 lalanl: Thanks
20:51 rustyk5: there's tons of word files out there
20:51 Leonardo_uprm: It isn't an online dictionary service, like Wordnik?
20:51 -!- rustyk5 [] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
20:51 Ben_10rd: "abandonment issues" lol
20:51 Leonardo_uprm: lol
20:51 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:51 aparrish: leonardo_uprm: nope, it's a static list
20:51 Sam_: s/o to IMDB not being a #botALLY
20:51 @dariusk: boo
20:52 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
20:52 lalanl: is there a patent bot?
20:52 lalanl: The USPTO haaaaates screenscrapers
20:52 Leonardo_uprm: Cool. Perhaps a new version could eventually be built with an online dictionary.
20:52 ckolderup: this forced hangout end is like the i
20:52 ckolderup: p
20:52 ckolderup: ...
20:52 ckolderup: its own eschatology
20:53 boodoo: +!
20:53 igowen: haha
20:53 igowen: a fitting end
20:53 zachwhalen: lalanl: There is a lot of good bot material in patents
20:53 -!- rustyk5 [] has joined #botsummit
20:53 dubbin_:
20:53 dubbin_:
20:53 igowen: hahaha holy crap
20:53 -!- tullyhansen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:53 lalanl: whoooa that's sneaky
20:54 -!- tullyhansen [] has joined #botsummit
20:54 boodoo: PhantomJS is the one used for Random Shopper I think
20:54 aparrish: @jaywalkbot
20:54 boodoo: jaywalking on the information super highway
20:54 mattlaschneider: smh
20:54 Ben_10rd: the subtitle of your memoirs
20:55 Ben_10rd: damn someone is cooking bacon for lunch daaaang
20:55 boodoo: #bacon #zombie #steampunk
20:55 tullyhansen:
20:55 Ben_10rd: #fedora #friendzone #mra #kindnesscoins #bitc0in
20:55 tullyhansen: More Goldsmith allusion窶ヲ!
20:55 dubbin_: whooo
20:56 dubbin_: BRING BACK THE BIRDS
20:56 nomdenom: laters, all
20:56 Sam_: Yay!
20:56 mattlaschneider: I still think we need to figure out how many false positives would result if twitter blanket banned everyone w/ bacon in their bios
20:56 aparrish: WHAT I WANTED TO SAY
20:56 zachwhalen: thanks all goodtimes
20:56 boodoo: Horse ebooks: a twitter bot in a fedora
20:56 aparrish: is that bots aren't like books, you can't preserve them
20:56 @dariusk: thanks everyone!
20:57 samplereality: Thanks!
20:57 @dariusk: aparrish, yes good point
20:57 Sam_: Good summit everyone
20:57 aparrish: they're more like dance recitals, they only happen once or for a limited amount of time
20:57 @dariusk: they're a process
20:57 aparrish: they should be documented like that
20:57 boodoo: Ben I feel you
20:57 igowen: dariusk: did you mention that you needed an irc log? I have the whole thing going back to 1702
20:57 boodoo: a bot is a bot of ourse of course
20:57 lalanl: the year?
20:57 igowen: lalanl: yes
20:58 igowen: this summit has been going on for a long time
20:58 @dariusk: igowen, awesome, can you email it to me?
20:58 lalanl: :P
20:58 @dariusk: darius.kazemi@gmail
20:58 Ben_10rd: ok im gonna head
20:58 igowen: dariusk: you got it
20:58 Ben_10rd: CIAO HOMBRES
20:58 lalanl: You've all been lots of fun. Thank you everybody!
20:58 ranjit__: thanks y'all!
20:58 tullyhansen: Queneau assembly.
20:58 lalanl: byeee ~_<
20:58 -!- Ben_10rd [73405868@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
20:58 hmason: thank you all!
20:58 dubbin_: SUMMIT AFTER DARK
20:59 -!- hmason [18671496@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
20:59 tullyhansen:
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for the record (this is rob) my code for mechanize is mostly lifted from here:

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