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A Free Browser For All

Today's Web is in a state of disarray. We are constantly being bombarded by advertisements (possibly malicious!), trackers, malware scripts, and bloated JavaScript-heavy websites which put too much effort into being complicated.

We want a browser liberated from these plagues: a browser that is built from the ground up for privacy, liberty and security. We want a browser that does not bow down to the status quo and accept "You shalt be tracked."

A browser that does not exist for spending 1% of your battery life on fetching, parsing, compiling and running JavaScript just to display the basic layout of a page.

We want a liberated browser, for humans to use in order to safely and efficiently communicate with the wasteland that the Web is today.

That is what we want--nay, need.

Let's take back the Web.

Project Goals

  • HTTPS everywhere
  • Completely white/black-listed requests, with sane defaults
  • No superfluous features (no four kinds of databases please; no geolocation to know our homes within 10 meters; no WebRTC -- our browsers are not P2P audio/video messengers)
  • No allow-by-default WebSockets or XHR
  • No preventable vulnerabilities that have been tripped over since the advent of digital computing (buffer overflows, denial of service attacks, privilege escalation, etc.)
  • Fast, lightweight -- we want to browse the Web, not wait for paint to dry
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