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Cocos2dx PopScene with Transition
template<typename T>
void CCDirector::popSceneWithTransition(float t) {
CCAssert(m_pRunningScene != NULL, "running scene should not null");
unsigned int c = m_pobScenesStack->count();
if (c == 0) {
else {
m_bSendCleanupToScene = true;
m_pNextScene = m_pobScenesStack->getObjectAtIndex(c - 1);
CCScene* trans = T::transitionWithDuration(t, m_pNextScene);
m_pobScenesStack->replaceObjectAtIndex(c-1, trans);
m_pNextScene = trans;

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@fnc12 fnc12 commented Oct 6, 2015

update code for cocos2d-x 3.0+

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