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We need changes in the API and Admin endpoint in order to serve content to CME clients. This content will be produced by an external app and stored on S3. A new endpoint is needed for this external app to notify when content has changed.

Suggested changes

Data model

  1. Add two new fields Course model:
  • cme_article_url (string)
  • cme_qa_url (string)

These will point to JSON files hosted on S3.


Source file: app/api/cme_api_v1.rb

1) Update endpoint GET courses/:course_name

Update endpoint GET courses/:course_name to serve new fields:

  • cme_article (JSON)
  • cme_qa (JSON)

These fields should contain the actual JSON content located at cme_article_url and cme_qa_url URLs.

2) Fetch JSON content

The JSON content should be fetched from S3 (two requests) when handling the API request, using standard Rails caching, with a duration of 1 hour.

3) New endpoint POST courses/:course_name/update_content

Add new endpoint POST courses/:course_name/update_content. Call to this endpoint forces the cache mentioned in 2) to be refreshed.

This endpoint will be called from an external source, so it should require an api_key param which should match Rails.application.secrets.cme_external_api_key (to be put in secrets.yml).

(See authenticated_by_api_key in app/api/api_helpers.rb and app/api/api_v4.rb for example on how we use api_key).


  1. Show new editable fields cme_article_url and cme_qa_url in Course edit form.
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