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darkoverlordofdata / FindGNUstep.cmake
Created November 7, 2023 00:26
cmake file gnustep module
set ( GNUSTEP_FOUND True )
enable_language( OBJC )
# gnustep-config --objc-flags
darkoverlordofdata /
Last active September 5, 2022 22:56
After instailling helloSystem
darkoverlordofdata /
Created April 5, 2022 23:05
Install PepermintOS Ice on Debian Bullseye
/# Get release at
tar xvzf ice-6.0.8.tar.gz
cd ice-6.0.8
sudo cp usr/bin/ice /usr/bin/ice
sudo cp usr/bin/ice /usr/bin/ice-firefox
sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/peppermint/ice
sudo cp usr/lib/peppermint/ice/ /usr/lib/peppermint/ice/
sudo cp usr/lib/peppermint/ice/places.sqlite /usr/lib/peppermint/ice/places.sqlite
darkoverlordofdata / install-rpi00.txt
Last active April 4, 2022 02:13
Install KDE on rpi400
install kde on rpi400:
make a disk for Raspberry Pi OS Lite
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade
darkoverlordofdata / stuff
Last active February 4, 2022 04:03
sudo cp ./debian.img /compat
catlock -t wallpaper -p 420420
zsh wallpaper/ ~/Pictures/MyWallpaper.jpg 1366 768
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/catlock/themes
convert th.png MyWallpaper.jpg
darkoverlordofdata /
Created November 21, 2021 18:54
GNUstep on chromebook
## Script to install the newest available version of GNUstep on Debian stable (bullseye)
# Show prompt function
function showPrompt()
if [ "$PROMPT" = true ] ; then
echo -e "\n\n"
read -p "${GREEN}Press enter to continue...${NC}"
darkoverlordofdata / Local.conf
Last active August 26, 2021 18:04
installing chromium on helloSystem
# /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/Local.conf
Poudriere: {
url: "file:///usr/local/poudriere/data/packages/main-default"
FreeBSD: {
enabled: no
darkoverlordofdata / gnustep
Last active November 22, 2022 21:53
fix gnustep fonts
git clone
cp -rf ~/SanFranciscoFont ~/.fonts

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSFont SanFranciscoDisplay-Regular
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSFontSize 14
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSBoldFont SanFranciscoDisplay-Bold
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSBoldFontSize 14
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSLabelFont SanFranciscoDisplay-Regular
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSLabelFontSize 14
darkoverlordofdata / OpenGL.m
Created June 5, 2021 20:12
OpenGL wrapper vanilla c
#import <GL/gl.h>
#import <SDL2/SDL.h>
* OpenGL Loader
typedef struct OpenGL OpenGL;
extern OpenGL gl;
OpenGL gl;
darkoverlordofdata /
Last active October 4, 2019 23:07

Install Raspbian Buster

preferences -> RaspberryPi Configuration ->Interfaces
  enable vnc & ssh
  change host name
  disable auto login

sudo apt update