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Last active Dec 16, 2015

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gator for multiple objects
xsi = Application
selected = xsi.Selection
sourceMesh = xsi.PickObject("Pick source (enveloped) mesh", "Pick source (enveloped) mesh")("PickedElement")
if sourceMesh:
freezeMe = []
for targetMesh in selected:
if targetMesh.Envelopes.Count > 0:
gatorOp = xsi.ApplyGenOp("Gator", "", targetMesh.FullName+";"+sourceMesh.FullName, 3, "siPersistentOperation", "siKeepGenOpInputs")(0)
srcEnv = sourceMesh.Envelopes(0)
srcEnvProp = (p.Target2 for p in srcEnv.InputPorts if p.Target2.Type == "envweights").next()
env = xsi.TransferClusterPropertiesAcrossGenOp(targetMesh.FullName+"."+targetMesh.Type+".TransferAttributes", targetMesh, srcEnvProp, "Envelope_Weights")
xsi.LogMessage("Gatored %s's envelope to ---> %s" % (sourceMesh.FullName, selected.GetAsText()), 4)
# Middleclick for continuous picking, left click for single.
# Offer to purge unused deformers
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