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This Script run in pythonista on iOS. It take a plain liste, in the clipboard, and for each item in the list, create a task in Omnifocus. This ia not optimal, since Omnifocus doesn'n seem to provide a x-callback-url. Pythonista need to be reopen each time.
#Import into Omnifocus a list of task from the clipboard
import clipboard
import re
import webbrowser
import urllib
import console
base = 'omnifocus:///add?name='
text = clipboard.get()
if text == '':
print 'No text in clipboard'
lines = text.split('\n')
filtered = filter(lambda x: not re.match(r'^\s*$', x), lines)
for line in filtered:
if (line <> '\n'):
omniurl = urllib.quote(line)
console.alert("Import","Import Next in Omnifocus ?","Yep")
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