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JS Game Comp - Rules
Name : ____________ // Screen Name or Real (if u want)
Age : ____________ // Not necessary
repo : ____________ // url to source code
demo : ____________ // url to demo
About your game : _________________________________ // Brag a lil , ninja!
This competition is a pretty simple one , The aim is to create a game using JavaScript.
The game is a Top-Down Shooting Game. Which must have
1. A shooting mechanism .
2. Visible Tracer Bullets . { Armies fire 5th or 7th bullet as tracer (lead covered) to glow in dark , which shows the path }
3. Enemies & Allies should be in the game.
4. Node.js can be used but not necessary.
5. Multiple Maps should be possible but not necessary.
To participate just fork this gist and fill it with link to your game ( preferrably src code on git with a gh page ) , comment here if u dont know how to!
IE support is not required but would be good if you can support upto IE 8
What you can use
1. Canvas
2. DOM
3. webAudio
4. all cool api's except for those listed below
What not to use
1. Any js library , and please no jQuery
2. webGL
the above two are removed to keep the competition fair.
Game Graphics and Sprites can be googled or aqquired from the internet !
1st September 2012
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