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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Why I am not on Facebook

I left facebook primarily last year while working at meta rain the pauses were weeks then months and finally I have got myself over Facebook completely and once and for all. And honestly it has been one of the best decisions in my life.


  1. Whatsapp : Now I see a point why Facebook did buy whatsapp, since I have joined whatsapp back 2013 my messaging has reduced drastically from the Facebook to Whatsapp. Mostly because its straightforward and simple, The way it should be.

  2. Do I Really Want to Share Stuff with the World : I honestly do not think so. I don't get the point of having stuff liked commented by people I am not going to spend 0.1% time of my life with over people I am going to spend 99.9% of my life with. It also helped me making my relationships better with people I care about.

  3. But College Groups, I haz Cullage STUFFZ ! : Honestly they are all on whatsapp, further I am always the odd one out :P #GEEKBONUS

  4. But, SHARING IS CARING ! : I do know, I now only share photos / media with people I really want them to see people its just a broadcast list away. Its tons more convienient and I have strong control over everything.

  5. YOU ARE SOCIALLY DEAD : NO I am not, My connections are now stronger and better.

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