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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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I have had tons of issues with npm and windows fighting each other... So solved it with a simple solution

Windows PITA

Microsoft Windows may or may not be an incredible OS, but lets face it its supported widely. Except for if you are a developer. Things go worse when you are working with the super awesome (arguable) Node.JS, where NPM the most magical install everything tool along with its teammates like node-gyp and bower & ofcourse yeoman aims to grunt out your problems and gulp your issues when you are trying to bootstrap a project or finding a dependencies..... except for one thing the WINDOWS FILE SYSTEM.

The biggest problem is resolving cyclic dependencies, which windows i don't know why just fails. First it was hanged in a state where i can't read or write from modules where pathname is too long, now the cyclic.js utility hangs almost every time i try to install any single thing from yeoman.

So after months of pita while patching problems. I came out with this.

A Linux BOX - :D <3 Digital Ocean

I deploy on Linux, I WANT TO USE LINUX But HP won't let me have the awesome sauce drivers and my 24" touch screen becomes a plain screen. So the solution which let me do development like a bliss was "DROPBOX". Yes DROPBOX.

I installed dropbox on my server and sync'd my home directory on the server with my local machines. Sublime editor works like a bliss even on this always syncing files. Now i run yeoman on my server, bootstrap a module. add the build and the tmp and the node_modules, bower_components directories to the dropbox ignore which is like .gitignore. All this is almost 2 minute install things. And what you get is a linux development box which i can access from anywhere. (The anywhere is the major point since i am always moving and this allows me to write code even on an iPad :D All hail dropbox - a better editor would be appreciated though).


Well I would say the biggest bonus which i got is this thing works

  1. Works from iPad and Android (not that i would suggest that but my... these tablets with a keyboard are awesome)
  2. Demo from anywhere. (Now that its public :P)
  3. No more strangling with windows.
  4. I can still play games hurrah !
  5. PSST Digital Ocean is awesome, they give $10 promo codes every month.. so you get this almost free.
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