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Get path of running script in bash
# A simple test script to demonstrate how to find the
# "absolute path" at which a script is running. Used
# to avoid some of the pitfals of using 'pwd' or hard-
# coded paths when running scripts from cron or another
# directory.
# Try it out:
# run the script from the current directory, then
# cd.. and run it again (using the file path).
# You can see that CURDIR changes depending on where
# you run the script from, but ABSDIR stays the same.
BASEDIR=$(dirname $0)
ABSPATH=$(readlink -f $0)
ABSDIR=$(dirname $ABSPATH)
echo "CURDIR is $CURDIR"
echo "ABSDIR is $ABSDIR"
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rautamiekka commented Mar 10, 2021

Never leave var refs unquoted unless it's absolutely necessary.

For completeness: Bash implicitly double-quotes var assignments unless there's a space, so those don't need it (there wasn't any here), but var refs (and process substitutions) inside process substitutions (and var refs) need to be double-quoted, unless otherwise absolutely necessary.

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