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Output Azure Function Data to Azure Table Service with an PowerShell Azure Function. Associated blog
$breweryDBURI = ''
$key = 'myAPIKey'
$stylesURI = "$($breweryDBURI)styles?key=$($key)"
$beerStyles = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $stylesURI -Method Get
[PSObject []] $outputArray = $null
foreach ($style in ${
$entity = [PSObject]@{
partitionKey = 'myEvents'
rowKey = $"/","-")
name = $style.shortName
ibuMin = $style.ibuMin
ibuMax = $style.ibuMax
abvMax = $style.abvMax
abvMin = $style.abvMin
srmMax = $style.srmMax
srmMin = $style.srmMin
ogMax = $style.ogMax
ogMin = $style.ogMin
fgMax = $style.fgMax
fgMin = $style.fgMin
$outputArray += $entity
if ($outputArray){
write-host "$($outputArray.Count) Styles"
# write rows out to the Table
$outputArray | ConvertTo-Json | Out-File $outputTable
Out-File -Encoding Ascii -FilePath $res -inputObject "$($outputArray.Count) Styles added to Azure Table Service"
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