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User Office365 Licenses using PowerShell. Associated blog post can be found here
Get Active Users
$Search = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Headers @{
Authorization = $authenticationResult.CreateAuthorizationHeader()
'Content-Type' = "application/json"
} -Uri ('{0}/users?$filter=accountEnabled eq true &api-version=1.6' -f $authenticationResult.TenantId)
# Work out which ones aren't assigned the license we are looking to assign
$userlicensed = $false
$unlicencedUsers = @()
$licensedUsers = @()
foreach($user in $search.value){
# check license against users licenses
foreach ($license in $user.assignedLicenses) {
if ($license.skuId -eq $LicenceToAdd){
$userlicensed = $true
$licensedUsers += $user.userPrincipalName
if (!$userlicensed -or !$user.assignedLicenses ){
#Exclude the AADConnect Account
if (!$user.userPrincipalName.StartsWith("Sync_")){
$unlicencedUsers += $user.userPrincipalName
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