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# IdentityNow Orgname
$orgname = "yourOrg"
# Access Profiles
$GetProfilesListBaseURI = "https://$($orgName)"
# Update Profile
$UpdateProfilesListBaseURI = "https://$($orgName)"
# Get Profile Entitlements
$GetProfileEntitlementsBaseURI = "https://$($orgName)"
# Existing Profiles
$existingProfiles = Invoke-RestMethod -method Get -uri $GetProfilesListBaseURI -Headers @{Authorization = "$($v3Token.token_type) $($v3Token.access_token)"}
write-host -ForegroundColor green "$($existingProfiles.Count) Profiles found"
foreach ($profile in $existingProfiles){
write-host -ForegroundColor Yellow "For profile $($profile.description), approval is $($profile.approvalSchemes) and requestable is $($profile.requestable)"
# Get Profile Entitlments
$profileEntitlements = Invoke-RestMethod -method Get -uri "$($GetProfileEntitlementsBaseURI)/$($" -Headers @{Authorization = "$($v3Token.token_type) $($v3Token.access_token)"}
foreach ($entitlement in $profileEntitlements){
write-host -ForegroundColor Cyan "$($profile.description) has entitlement $($entitlement.description) from $($entitlement.applicationName)"
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