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Send IoT Events from Device to Cloud over HTTPS and REST. Associated Blogpost
# Send Message Device to IoTHub over HTTPS via Rest
# IoT DeviceID
$deviceID = "MyIoTDevice"
# Iot Hub Name
$IoTHubName = "MyIoTHub"
$IOTHubDeviceURI= "$($IoTHubName)$($deviceID)"
# RestAPI Version
$iotHubAPIVer = "2018-04-01"
$iotHubRestURI = "https://$($IOTHubDeviceURI)/messages/events?api-version=$($iotHubAPIVer)"
# SAS Token Generated via Azure CLI or Device Explorer
$SASToken = "SharedAccessSignature"
# Headers
$Headers = @{"Authorization" = $SASToken; "Content-Type" = "application/json"}
# Message Payload
$datetime = get-date
$body = @{
datetime = $datetime
deviceClient = $deviceID
Message = "Message Device to Cloud"
$body = $body | ConvertTo-Json
# Send Message
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $iotHubRestURI -Headers $Headers -Method Post -Body $body

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salinijoseph commented Mar 26, 2020

Can I use this for any device to send message to IoT Hub


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darrenjrobinson commented Mar 26, 2020

In this example any device with PowerShell support. I've linked the supporting blogpost to the GIST that also has a Python example.

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