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Register a new Azure IoT Device
Import-Module AzureIoT
Import-Module AzureRM
# Create New IoT Device
# IoT Hub RG & Location
$RGName = "MyMongooseIoTHub"
$location = "East US"
# IoT Hub
$IoTHubName = "MyMongooseIoTHub"
$IoTKeyName = "iothubowner"
$IoTHub = Get-AzureRmIotHub -Name $IoTHubName -ResourceGroupName $RGName
$IoTHubKey = Get-AzureRmIotHubKey -ResourceGroupName $iothub.Resourcegroup -Name $IoTHubName -KeyName $IoTKeyName
# IoT ConnectionString
$IoTConnectionString = "HostName=$($IoTHubName);SharedAccessKeyName=$($IoTKeyName);SharedAccessKey=$($IoTHubKey.PrimaryKey)"
# New DeviceID
$newDeviceID = "ESP8266_12345"
$deviceParams = @{
iotConnString = $IoTConnectionString
deviceId = $newDeviceID
$device = Register-IoTDevice @deviceParams
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