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# Import the PowerBI Powershell Module
Import-Module "D:\home\site\wwwroot\myapp\bin\PowerBIPS\\PowerBIPS.psm1" -Force
# Add a reference to the AzureAD Active Directory Client Library
# Used by the PowerBI Powershell Module for AuthN to AAD.
Add-Type -Path 'D:\home\site\wwwroot\myapp\bin\AzureADPreview\\Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.dll'
# PowerBI ClientID, AAD Username and Password
# From Application Settings
$clientID = $env:PBIClientID
$username = $env:UID
$pwd = $env:CredKey | convertto-securestring -AsPlainText -Force
$credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential $username,$pwd
# AuthN to PowerBi/AAD and get Authorization Token
$authToken = Get-PBIAuthToken -clientId $clientID -Credential $credentials
# Sensor API URL's
$outdoorhumidityURL = $env:humidity
$outdoorTempURL = $env:OutdoorTemp
$IndoorTempURL = $env:IndoorTemp
$outdoorLuxURL = $env:Lux
# Date
# Get Date for where the sensors are, not the date where the Azure Function is running
$date = [System.TimeZoneInfo]::ConvertTimeBySystemTimeZoneId([DateTime]::Now,"AUS Eastern Standard Time")
$strdate = $date.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")
# Outside Sensors
# Temp
$currentOutsideTemp = Invoke-RestMethod $outdoorTempURL
# Light
$currentOutsideLux = Invoke-RestMethod $outdoorLuxURL
# Humidity
$currentOutsideHumidity = Invoke-RestMethod $outdoorhumidityURL
# Inside Sensors
# Temp
$currentInsideTemp = Invoke-RestMethod $IndoorTempURL
$currentInsideTemp = [math]::Round($currentInsideTemp.temperature)
Write-Output "Environmentals for: " $strdate
Write-Output "Temperature is: " $currentOutsideTemp.celsius_degree
Write-Output "Inside temperature is: " $currentInsideTemp.temperature
Write-Output "Humidity is: " $currentOutsideHumidity.humidity
Write-Output "Light is: " $currentOutsideLux.lux
# Outside PSObject with Env Data
$outsideEnvData = New-Object PSObject -prop @{
DateTime = $strdate
OutsideTemperature = $currentOutsideTemp.celsius_degree
OutsideLight = $currentOutsideLux.lux
# Inside PSObject with Env Data
$insideEnvData = New-Object PSObject -prop @{
DateTime = $strdate
InsideTemperature = $currentInsideTemp.celsius_degree
# Get the DataSet where we are going to send the data
$DataSet = Get-PBIDataSet -authToken $authToken -Name "Environment Sensors"
# Update the PowerBI Dataset with the latest readings.
$outsideEnvData | Out-PowerBI -AuthToken $authToken -dataSetName $ -tableName "Outside" -verbose
$insideEnvData | Out-PowerBI -AuthToken $authToken -dataSetName $ -tableName "Inside" -verbose
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