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Configuration for IdentityNow ServiceNow Integration. Associated blogpost
"attributes": {
"authType": "Basic",
"username": "IdentityNowServiceAccount_in_ServiceNow",
"password": "IdentityNowServiceAccount_Password",
"url": "",
"serviceNowAppName" : "ServiceNow [source-42423]",
"catalogItem": {
"2c9180856a93cecd016a9ed337615c35": "a632c040db25f30033501c0e049619af"
"cluster": "2c91808668a4f2dc0168ba61e7fb2153",
"description": "AppX IdentityNow to ServiceNow Integration",
"name": "AppX ServiceNow Ticket Integration - New/Update Account",
"request": {
"description": "AppX Service Request created by SailPoint ServiceNow Ticket Integration",
"employee_id": "$plan.arguments.uid",
"employee_name": "$plan.arguments.displayName",
"provisioning_type": "Create/Update",
"req_description": "AppX Service Request created from SailPoint IdentityNow",
"short_description": "Create/Update AppX Access for $!plan.arguments.uid $!plan.arguments.displayName",
"req_short_description": "$",
"roles": "#if($request.operation == 'Modify')\nModify Account on application $request.resource\n#else\nFor $ in application $request.resource\n#end\n#if ($request.items)\n#foreach ($item in $request.items)\n$!item.Operation $ $item.value\n#end\n#else\n$!request.Operation Account\n#end"
"sources": [
"statusMap": {
"closed_cancelled": "Failed",
"closed_complete": "Committed",
"closed_incomplete": "Committed",
"closed_rejected": "Committed",
"in_process": "Queued",
"requested": "Queued"
"type": "ServiceNow"
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