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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from scapy.utils import rdpcap
from scapy.packet import Raw
from scapy.layers.bluetooth import L2CAP_Hdr
from statistics import mean, stdev
def get_hid_pkt_intervals(packets):
prev = 0
first = 1
intervals = []
for pkt in packets:
if pkt.haslayer(L2CAP_Hdr) and pkt.haslayer(Raw) and pkt[Raw].load[0] == 0xA1:
cur = pkt.time
interval = cur - prev
prev = cur
if first:
first = 0
intervals.append(interval * 1000)
return intervals
def print_stats(intervals):
print("Samples: {}".format(len(intervals)))
print("Average: {:.6f} ms".format(mean(intervals)))
print("Max : {:.6f} ms".format(max(intervals)))
print("Min : {:.6f} ms".format(min(intervals)))
print("Std Dev: {:.6f} ms".format(stdev(intervals)))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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