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(ns lt.tutorial
(:require [lt.object :as object]
[lt.objs.tabs :as tabs]
[lt.objs.statusbar :as statusbar]
[lt.objs.notifos :as notifos]
[lt.util.js :as util])
(:require-macros [lt.macros :refer [behavior defui]]))
(defui work-button [this]
[:input {:type "submit" :value "Do work"}]
:click #(object/raise this :clicked %))
(object/object* ::worker
:name "A hard worker"
:behaviors [::work-on-click ::on-close-destroy]
:init (fn [this] (work-button this)))
(behavior ::work-on-click
:triggers #{:clicked}
:reaction (fn [this]
(notifos/working "Doing some heavy lifting!")
(util/wait 10000 #(statusbar/loader-set 0))))
(behavior ::on-close-destroy
:triggers #{:close}
:reaction (fn [this]
(when-let [ts (:lt.objs.tabs/tabset @this)]
(when (= (count (:objs @ts)) 1)
(tabs/rem-tabset ts)))
(object/raise this :destroy)))
(let [worker (object/create ::worker)]
(tabs/add! worker)
(tabs/active! worker))

tavoe commented Mar 6, 2014

This is causing: TypeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined

Googling isn't helping and the lightable freenode doesn't seem very active.

I know its not specific to your code, but do you have any idea what it's about?

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