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### On Windows, install Ubuntu from Window Store
sudo apt install ccd2iso
ccd2iso FooBar.img FooBar.iso
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rvm install ruby-2.3.0
rvm use 2.3.0
rvm gemset create cfgen
rvm gemset list
rvm use 2.3.0@cfgen
gem list
gem install bundler
cd cf-generator
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
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Created Feb 9, 2019 — forked from alces/
How to run an Ansible playbook locally
  • using Ansible command line:
ansible-playbook --connection=local playbook.yml
  • using inventory: ansible_connection=local
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execute something/service in the background
and based on its exist status, execute something else
i have installed MySQL NDB cluster. It needs around 2-3 minutes to synchronise the database in between cluster nodes. Once the synchronisation finished only, I can start another application called heartbeat. Therefore in my shell script, I want to check the availability of the ndbd service all the times. Once this service become available, I need to start the heartbeat application
# send to background
./ndb_startup_script &
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Last active Feb 8, 2019
access ssh hidden service via tor
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### on server
apt-get update
apt-get install vim tor -y
vim /etc/tor/torrc
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/ssh_hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 22
systemctl restart tor
### on client
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Created Feb 2, 2019
ChromeCast setup reset change wifi network wireless
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ChromeCast is connected to Umniah's WiFi 'Goll'
guest mode is not enabled.
This WiFi got disconnected, no longer there.
1/ from iphone - create hotspot
2/ from android phone connect to the Chromecast's WiFi
run Google Home app - setup
connect it to iphone's WiFi
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# import the smtplib module. It should be included in Python by default
import smtplib
# set up the SMTP server
s = smtplib.SMTP(host='', port=587)
s.login('', 'password')
import smtplib
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### git tag tutorial - you wanna pump version to 1.0.3
### tag is a pointer to a commitID
### on your laptop
git clone /mnt2/project1.git
cd project1
# you will in branch master by default
git tag ## see last tag
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### git server on Linux
useradd goll
mkdir /mnt2/
cd /mnt2
git init --bare project1.git
chmod 777 -R /mnt2
GIT_SSH_COMMAND='ssh -F /dev/null' git clone goll@
or better
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Last active Jan 28, 2019
Install sshpass on macOS - user login with password while server is PasswordAuthentication no
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### no password login is allowed
PasswordAuthentication no
### but we allow it for user jameel
Match User jameel
PasswordAuthentication yes
Match all