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Last active April 3, 2020 13:50
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Robot Framework Selenium test suite with Sauce Labs support
import re
import requests
import simplejson as json
from robot.api import logger
from robot.libraries.BuiltIn import BuiltIn
USERNAME_ACCESS_KEY = re.compile('^(http|https):\/\/([^:]+):([^@]+)@')
def report_sauce_status(name, status, tags=[], remote_url=''):
# Parse username and access_key from the remote_url
assert USERNAME_ACCESS_KEY.match(remote_url), 'Incomplete remote_url.'
username, access_key = USERNAME_ACCESS_KEY.findall(remote_url)[0][1:]
# Get selenium session id from the keyword library
selenium = BuiltIn().get_library_instance('Selenium2Library')
job_id = selenium._current_browser().session_id
# Prepare payload and headers
token = (':'.join([username, access_key])).encode('base64').strip()
payload = {'name': name,
'passed': status == 'PASS',
'tags': tags}
headers = {'Authorization': 'Basic {0}'.format(token)}
# Put test status to Sauce Labs
url = '{0}/jobs/{1}'.format(username, job_id)
response = requests.put(url, data=json.dumps(payload), headers=headers)
assert response.status_code == 200, response.text
# Log video url from the response
video_url = json.loads(response.text).get('video_url')
if video_url:'<a href="{0}">video.flv</a>'.format(video_url), html=True)
*** Settings ***
Library Selenium2Library
Library SauceLabs
Test Setup Open test browser
Test Teardown Close test browser
*** Variables ***
${BROWSER} firefox
${LOGIN_FAIL_MSG} Incorrect username or password.
*** Test Cases ***
Incorrect username or password
[Tags] Login
Go to
Page should contain element id=username
Page should contain element id=password
Input text id=username anonymous
Input text id=password secret
Click button id=submit
Page should contain ${LOGIN_FAIL_MSG}
*** Keywords ***
Open test browser
Open browser about: ${BROWSER}
... remote_url=${REMOTE_URL}
... desired_capabilities=${DESIRED_CAPABILITIES}
Close test browser
Run keyword if '${REMOTE_URL}' != ''
... Report Sauce status
Close all browsers
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