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Speed up your Rails sqlite database for large dataset. This should be a Rails initializer, goes into config/initializers.
if ::ActiveRecord::Base.connection_config[:adapter] == 'sqlite3'
if c = ::ActiveRecord::Base.connection
# see for details
# Page size of the database. The page size must be a power of two between 512 and 65536 inclusive
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.page_size=4096;'
# Suggested maximum number of database disk pages that SQLite will hold in memory at once per open database file
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.cache_size=10000;'
# Database connection locking-mode. The locking-mode is either NORMAL or EXCLUSIVE
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.locking_mode=EXCLUSIVE;'
# Setting of the "synchronous" flag, "NORMAL" means sync less often but still more than none
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.synchronous=NORMAL;'
# Journal mode for database, WAL=write-ahead log
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.journal_mode=WAL;'
# Storage location for temporary tables, indices, views, triggers
c.execute 'PRAGMA main.temp_store = MEMORY;'
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