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A WordPress custom shortcode to display a piece of user metadata from the wp_usermeta table. Relies on Ultimate Member plugin
/* Create new shortcode for quickly displaying user metadata.
*** NOTE: This only works if you have the Ultimate Member plugin installed.
*** Use like regular wordpress shortcodes. Enter [USERMETA user_id="*id*" meta="*field_name*"] (replace *id* and *field_name* with actual values)
*** If you use it on an Ultimate Member profile page/tab, it will use the user currently being viewed.
*** On other pages, you must include the "user_id" within the shortcode.
//Add the shortcode to WordPress
add_shortcode('USER_META', 'user_meta_shortcode_handler');
//create the function referenced by the add_shortcode()
function user_meta_shortcode_handler($atts,$content=null){
//get profile id
$profile_id = um_profile_id();
//if profile ID found, it means we're on an Ultimate Member profile page. So use the profile_id of the user being viewed.
if($profile_id) {
// return the specified metadata
return esc_html(get_user_meta($profile_id, $atts['meta'], true));
else {
//use the user_id and return that user's metadata
return esc_html(get_user_meta($atts['user_id'], $atts['meta'], true));
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