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Breakdown of Twitter Profile Bookmarklet
// Take the current page URL and put it in a variable called url
var url = document.URL;
// Create a new variable called tweetbotProfile and replace the mobile twitter url with the Tweetbot x-callback-url scheme
var tweetbotProfile = url.replace("","tweetbot:///user_profile/");
// Go to the new URL in tweetbotProfile
window.location = tweetbotProfile;
// To get this to work using Twitterrific just change the tweetbot:///user_profile/ to twitterrific:///profile?screen_name=
// Enjoy!
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I'm probably the 100th person to do this and tell you (sorry if that's the case) I made a version that works for both regular twitter and mobile twitter using a regex for the replace. You can see my forked version here:

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lepht commented Mar 25, 2014

Here's an alternative version I've been using for a while. It's a bit simpler, and also works with either mobile or regular (in fact, the host name is irrelevant.) Note that even while viewing a specific tweet, the way Tweetbot handles the request it will still go straight to the relevant profile page.


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yous commented Mar 27, 2014

I made a version opens the specific tweet that you are viewing. If you're viewing a profile, it goes to the profile. Also works with either mobile or regular twitter url. But it's a bit longer.

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