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Last active Aug 6, 2022
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๐Ÿ“ƒ (autohotkey) - create a list of .ahk files to be #included in your main script
[search folders]
folder_1 =
folder_2 =
[ignore paths]
C:\Users\documents\scripts\example script name.ahk
C:\Users\documents\scripts\example folder name
disable_warning = true
execute_names = \auto-executes\,\auto executes\
function_names = \functions\,\lib\
save_folder =
script count =
list time =
auto_include() {
start_time := a_tickCount
iniRead, disable_warning, % a_lineFile, settings, disable_warning
i := (disable_warning = "true") ? ("*i ") : ("")
iniRead, ignore_list, % a_lineFile, ignore paths
iniRead, execute_names, % a_lineFile, settings, execute_names
iniRead, function_names, % a_lineFile, settings, function_names
iniRead, save_folder, % a_lineFile, settings, save_folder
iniRead, search_folder, % a_lineFile, search folders, folder_%a_index%
if (search_folder = "")
loop, files, % rTrim(search_folder, "\") . "\*.ahk", FR
if inStr(ignore_list . "`n", a_loopFileDir . "`n")
ignore_folder := a_loopFileDir
if a_loopFileDir contains %ignore_folder%
continue ; ignore certain folders
else if inStr(ignore_list, a_loopFileFullPath)
continue ; ignore certain files
new_line := (a_loopFileDir = last_dir) ? "" : "`n"
last_dir := a_loopFileDir ; (add an extra line between folders)
if a_loopFileFullPath contains %execute_names%
executes .= new_line . "#include, " . i . a_loopFileFullPath . "`n"
else scripts .= new_line . "#include, " . i . a_loopFileFullPath . "`n"
if a_loopFileFullPath contains %function_names%
functions .= new_line . "#include, " . i . a_loopFileFullPath . "`n"
until (search_folder = "ERROR") ; loop end
if (save_folder = "")
save_folder := a_scriptDir "\include lists"
update_include_list(executes, save_folder "\~executes.ahk")
update_include_list(scripts, save_folder "\~scripts.ahk")
if (function_names)
update_include_list(functions, save_folder "\~functions.ahk")
; iniWrite, % " " script_count, % a_lineFile, stats, script count
; iniWrite, % " " (a_tickCount - start_time) " ms", % a_lineFile, stats, list time
update_include_list(new_text, list_file) {
file := fileOpen(list_file, "r `n")
current_text :=
top_text := " `; ! auto-generated file. any changes made here will be overwritten`n"
new_text := strReplace(top_text . new_text, a_scriptDir, "%a_scriptDir%")
if (current_text != new_text)
if !fileExist(list_file)
splitPath, list_file, , file_dir
fileCreateDir, % file_dir
file := fileOpen(list_file, "w `n")
[script info]
version = 1.10
description = create a list of .ahk files to be #included in your main script
author = davebrny
source =
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davebrny commented Oct 6, 2017



  • add your script folders the search folders section at the top of the file

  • specify a save folder where you want the lists to be saved

  • #include auto_include.ahk into your main script or add it to one of the function libraries

  • put auto_include() in the auto-execute section of your main script

  • once the function has run and the lists are created, include ~executes.ahk into the auto-execute section and ~scripts.ahk anywhere else in your script, then reload

#include, %a_scriptDir%\include lists\~executes.ahk  
#include, %a_scriptDir%\include lists\~scripts.ahk  


more details:

- any .ahk file that is in a folder or sub-folder that matches the names in execute_names will be added to ~executes.ahk
- every other .ahk file (including functions) will be added to ~scripts.ahk

- an optional ~functions.ahk file is created that can be included into other scripts if needed. to stop this file from being created just clear out the names in the function_names

- to scan multiple folders, increment the number for each key name: folder_2, folder_3, folder_4

- to stop a certain file or folder from being scanned, add the path to ignore paths section

- if the save_folder is left empty then the lists will be created in %a_scriptDir%\include lists

- *i is added to the include command by default so you wont get warnings when you rename or move a file.
to remove this and turn the warnings back on, set disable_warning to false

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davebrny commented Nov 4, 2017


this is basic version of the above auto_include() function that is designed to be more compact so it can be included in a self contained script

  • put include_folder() in the auto-execute section
include_folder(a_scriptDir "\or a certain folder")  
  • include the following snippet into your script
include_folder(folder) {
    loop, files, % folder "\*.ahk", FR
        if a_loopFileFullPath contains %a_scriptFullPath%,%a_lineFile%,\lib\
        stringReplace, loop_path, a_loopFileFullPath,  %a_scriptDir%, `%a_scriptDir`%
        new_includes .= (new_includes ? "`n" : "") . "#include, *i " . loop_path

    file := fileOpen(a_scriptFullPath, "r `n")
    this_file :=

    stringGetPos, pos, this_file, % "`;include_" "these:", R1
    stringMid, current_includes, this_file, pos + 17
    stringMid, text_before, this_file, pos-1, , L
    text_before := inStr(this_file, "`;include_" "these:") ? text_before : this_file

    if (current_includes != new_includes)
        file := fileOpen(a_scriptFullPath, "w `n")
        file.write(text_before "`n`;include_" "these:`n" new_includes)
  • ! dont put anything after ;include_these: or after the include files that will appear at the end of your script

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